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Loose Ring Snaffles
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  1. Shires Training Bit with Lozenge
  2. Dever Loose Ring French Link Snaffle Bit
  3. Cottage Craft Loop Ring Snaffle
  4. Cottage Craft GS Loose Ring Snaffle Bit with Elliptical Link
  5. Cottage Craft GS Thick Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle Bit with Link
  6. Cottage Craft Rubber In-Hand Snaffle
  7. Dever Curved Mouth Loose Ring French Link Snaffle Bit
  8. Shires Flexible Ripple Mouth Snaffle Bit
  9. Shires Training Bit
  10. Cottage Craft GS Loose Ring Snaffle Bit with Elliptical Link
  11. Cottage Craft Weymouth Bradoon Bit
  12. Cottage Craft Lightweight Hollow Mouth Snaffle Bit
  13. Cottage Craft Hollow Mouth Snaffle Bit
  14. Cottage Craft Flexible Rubber Mouth Snaffle Bit
  15. Cottage Craft French Mouth Snaffle Bit
  16. Sprenger Sensogan Bradoon
  17. Sprenger MAX-Control Loose Ring
  18. Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon
  19. Shires French Link Bradoon
  20. Shires Blue Sweet Iron Beval With Roller Link
  21. Neue Schule Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Beval
  22. Neue Schule Turtle Top With Flex Beval
  23. Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Loose Ring Snaffle
  24. Neue Schule Demi-Anky Loose Ring Snaffle
  25. Shires Closed Spoon Tongue Bit
  26. Shires Loose Ring Waterford Bit
  27. Shires Brass Alloy Training Bit
  28. Shires Sweet Iron Copper Roller Snaffle Bit
  29. Shires Loose Ring Copper Lozenge Snaffle Bit
  30. Gum Bits
    Gum Bits
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 65

Set Descending Direction

Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

Selecting the correct horse bit for your equine friend can be an extremely difficult task and can depend on the horse's age, breed and oral condition. A popular option with a lot of riders is a loose ring snaffle bit, a loose ring snaffle is a single joint non-leverage bit which does not amplify the pressure added by the rider through the reins. This has emerged as a favourite amongst casual and regular riders alike.

A loose ring snaffle bit features two loose rings on either side of the mouthpiece, the two loose rings can move freely from the mouthpiece itself, helping the horse gain independence with its head carriage, whilst avoiding leaning. To ensure that the loose ring snaffle bit doesn't hurt or pinch at your horse, its lip should sit clear of the ring groove. The rider should ideally always check the fit of the loose ring snaffle when the horse is stationary or rest and whenever the bit receives any sort of impact or contact.

Loose ring snaffle bits can sometimes be dressage legal, however this depends on the mouthpiece itself. You should always double check this rather than assume, but in general these snaffle bits are great for dressage as they offer you a greater communication between the rider and the horse, without the discomfort other bit types may cause.

Online for Equine are experts in bitting and are always up to date with the latest bitting product and industry insights. If you are interested in our loose ring snaffle or in any other type of bit, please call us and speak to our bitting expert who will happily answer any questions you may have.