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Level 3 Body Protector

Horse riding body protectors are designed to reduce the damage caused by a kick or a fall from a horse to minimise injury. They are available with varying levels of protection to meet the demands of different disciplines. BETA standards stipulate the shock-absorption capabilities of a horse riding body protector which can be classified as follows:

Level 1 (black label) provides the lowest protection; this horse riding body protector standard is only used in racing for licensed jockeys. Level 2 (brown label) is designed for use in low-risk situations, excluding jumping, riding young or inexperienced horses, or riding on the roads. This body protector standard is not commonly used. Level 3 (brown label) is designed for use during all riding activities and is designed to prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain whilst reducing soft tissue injuries. Horse riding body protector level 3 are widely used for all riding activities.

A BETA Level 3 body protector is required for Pony Club and for the cross-country phase of British Eventing. Wearing a Level 3 body protector ensures you're wearing the highest level of protection while riding, protecting you from serious injury.