Price Match

Spend Less With Online for Equine Price Match

Spend less money on essential items and treats whilst knowing you’re getting the best deal!

We use automated price match software across a wide selection of products which works by comparing prices on Google Shopping to ensure you receive the best price available on the day. The software compares products from other retailers to check:

  • The retailer has the item physically in stock
  • The retailer has the same size and colour
  • The retailer’s cost of delivery

Our software takes all this in to consideration then calculates the best price for you. 

Let us do the price matching so you can spend more time doing what you love!

Why does the price increase when I choose my size/colour?

The price match software we use looks at individual colour and size options of products. Therefore, when you change your size or colour selection, you may see a price change.

For example, a retailer may price one size of riding boot lower than another (if they have surplus stock for example), so the software will match the cheaper price for that particular size only on that day.

We cannot price match different size/colour options for the same product.

This product was cheaper yesterday – today it is more expensive!

Our price-match software updates every day, so the price of the product you want to purchase is subject to change. The fluctuations in pricing may see your item being more expensive or cheaper, so it may be in your favour.

Unfortunately we cannot price match from previous days.

Think you’ve found the price cheaper elsewhere?

If you find your product cheaper online prior to purchasing you can request a price match.

The two items must be identical (size/colour); prices must be inclusive of VAT and any additional costs such as delivery charge must be considered; the item must be brand new and located in the UK; the item must be in stock for immediate dispatch.

We do not price-match eBay or Amazon stores.

We will require satisfactory evidence to show that the competitor has the item in stock at the time of order and cannot be held responsible for any delays in checking his evidence for validation, which may result in a loss of discount to the consumer.

We reserve the right to not uphold a price match if it would result in OFE selling at a loss. Price match cannot be applied retrospectively to orders already placed.

I need to exchange my price-matched item – will my new item be the same price?

We are unfortunately unable to price match on exchanges. While you may be charged a little more for your item, it may also work in your favour as your item may be cheaper on the day we process your return. Items on price match are usually under RRP, so you will still be saving money and receiving the best price available!