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Studs & Stud Kits

Prepare for your next competition with stud kits and studs. Studs are used to prevent horses from slipping on a surface, giving them confidence which is beneficial when jumping, in fast work or when quick turns are needed. The horse needs to be shod to use studs – they are screwed into stud holes within the shoes.

There are a wide range of studs available to suit all needs, but they should not be used to make up for poor riding or a lack of training/competition preparation. Time should still be invested in getting the horse used to working on a variety of different surfaces to reduce the chance of them slipping. Consult your farrier if you feel studs are required to determine which configuration of stud holes and studs would work best for your horse.

Stud holes need to be cleaned and plugged when not in use, ready for your next competition. A magnetic metal bowl is useful for storing your studs. You will also need a stud tap, an adjustable spanner and a spare horseshoe nail in your stud kit. Stud holes can be plugged with cotton wool or with stud plugs, which are easier to remove!