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Fleece Rugs & Coolers


Use fleece rugs and cooler rugs for:

Cooling down and drying off after exercise During travelling After bathing/washing down As an additional layer beneath other rugs

Fleeces and cooler rugs are versatile, useful additions to your horse’s wardrobe. They are designed to ensure your horse cools gradually and safely after exercise whilst also be useful for travelling and drying off after bathing or washing down.

The sudden reduction in body temperature following exercise can lead to chills, or in extreme cases hypothermia. It’s important to allow gradual cooling of your horse’s body – this can help regulate blood flow and reduce muscle soreness and strains whilst supporting recovery. The horse will cool naturally by sweating, but excessive sweating will cause rugs to become damp which in cool weather will then become cold, potentially dropping the horse’s body temperature too quickly.

The design and materials of cooler rugs will efficiently wick away excess moisture while maintaining a comfortable temperature for your horse. There is a variety of different cooler rugs on the market, from lightweight mesh rugs ideal for hot days to thicker fleece mixes or waffle coolers which keep your horse warmer in the winter months and/or when clipped.

Fleece rugs offer additional warmth and are ideal for wear in the stable during cooler weather or for layering beneath other rugs as an additional warm layer to trap in heat.