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Under Rugs & Liners

Under rugs and rug liners are a useful way to make your rugs more versatile, adding in additional warmth beneath turnout and stable rugs. Liners and under rugs can prove a cost-effective solution rather than buying turnout and stable rugs of various weights while also giving you more options when you are deciding on which rug is best for your horse.

Compatible rug systems (such are the Horseware rug liner system) are designed to work alongside turnout and stable rugs for a more secure and comfortable fit – these systems secure the rugs to each other to prevent layers from slipping or from rubbing the horse.

Washable thinner liners are a more hygienic option, allowing you to easily keep the layer against the horse’s skin clean. This is ideal for horses with skin conditions or sensitivity, as well as for keeping horse’s skin and coat healthy.