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Long Riding Boots

Long riding boots are a popular choice for many horse riders for both everyday riding and competitions. Long leather riding boots can help to improve your lower leg position, provide improved grip and support in the stirrup, whilst offering protection to your lower leg. When correctly fitted, long riding boots provide an elegant look in the saddle; a smart, well-fitting tall boot completes the look of both an everyday and competition outfit. 

Long horse riding boots are frequently used in all horse riding disciplines including dressage, showjumping and cross country.  Long riding boots fit snugly around your ankle and calf, over breeches, or riding tights, ensuring close contact with your horse.  We tend to advise against wearing jodhpurs beneath long riding boots as they can be a little bulky around the ankle.

Shop from our range of long riding boots, with options to suit the all-round, casual rider to the competitive professional. Whether you are looking for field boots for hunting, showjumping or eventing, or more traditional dress boots for dressage competitions, we will have the ideal smart tall horse riding boot for you.

Benefits of Long Riding Boots

Long riding boots offer numerous benefits:
•    Enhanced Protection: The close-fitting ankle section protects your lower leg from pinching by the stirrup leathers and bruising.  T
•    Consistent Leg Position: They help maintain a steady leg position, facilitating better control and communication with your horse.
•    Comfort and Fit: Designed to fit over slim, tight-fitting breeches or horse riding tights, long riding boots reduce bulk around the lower leg, preventing discomfort whilst giving you closer contact with your horse.

Choosing the right Long Riding Boots

Long riding boots feature a rear or side zip for ease of fit and to help you achieve a tailored look.  We have seen a demand for full-laced front long riding boots over the last few years; these long riding boots feature a full lace front design, with a rear zip offering a stylish look that is easy to wear!

Long horse riding boots will often be described as field boots or dress-front boots.  Field riding boots feature a lace panel at the ankle joint for an improved range of movement but also for a more stylish look.  Dress boots or dressage riding boots are plain-fronted and a more traditional look.

Tall riding boots are often a large investment, so we have put together a guide to measuring yourself to ensure they fit correctly and last.  In summary, you will need your foot size, calf measurement and the boot height which is taken by measuring from the base of your heel to the back of your knee.  Most long leather boots will drop around 20mm once they have been worn in so it is important to get the height correct (boot risers can really help whilst breaking in your long riding boots!)
If you prefer a shorter boot, you can browse our collection of jodhpur and paddock boots!