Half Pads, Risers & Gel Pads

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Half Pads, Risers & Gel Pads

Half pads, gel pads and risers will all help to stabilise and temporarily improve the fit of your saddle, while increasing your horse’s comfort.

Half pads and risers are useful to alleviate minor saddle fit issues on a temporary basis, such as if your horse changes shape through losing/gaining muscle. They also provide added cushioning beneath the saddle for your horse’s back. These pads are versatile, coming in many different styles and made from various materials. Choose from gel grip styles if your saddle is prone to slipping, memory foam materials for optimal comfort or thinner cotton pads for slight adjustments. Shimmable half pads allow you to alter the thickness of the half pad in particular areas, building up beneath the saddle as necessary.

Gel pads are used to give grip beneath the saddle, ideal for rounder pony types or for situations in which the saddle is prone to slipping. Gel pads are typically purposely shaped, made from washable and durable gel material and designed to be breathable for air flow.