Pelhams & Kimblewicks

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Pelhams & Kimblewicks

Pelham and Kimblewick bits are a stronger choice for situations in which you need more control. They should be used with care – their design allows for increased leverage, working across the poll as well as in the mouth.

Pelham bits can be used with two reins for increased precision and control, or with Pelham roundings for ease. They work on the poll, corners of the mouth, bars, tongue and chin groove, assisting with control on stronger horses. They are used in conjunction with a curb chain, and may be beneficial if the horse/pony has a smaller mouth without the space for a double bit.

Kimblewick bits give the choice of various rein set ups. They provide a mild curb action which helps to control a horse or pony that pulls or needs encouragement to soften and lower its head.