Stirrup Irons & Treads

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Stirrup Irons & Treads

The latest developments in technical stirrups has vastly improved the levels of stability, comfort and safety for riders. These technical stirrups can also greatly help and support your leg position due to carefully researched and designed materials, angles and treads. Along with increased performance, some of the more modern technical stirrup irons are fully customisable, available in bright colours to reflect your individual style.

If you have issues with aches, pains and discomfort while riding, many of the modern stirrup irons on the market promote supporting your position, absorbing impacts and concussion and being softer on your ankles. Good stirrups are a worthwhile investment if you are spending a long time in the saddle.

Along with more modern technical stirrups, there will always be a market for the more traditional Fillis irons, flexible stirrups and safety stirrups. It’s important to consider using stirrups that will easily release your foot in the event of a fall to prevent you from being caught or dragged. At Online For Equine we stock a great selection of technical and tradition stirrup irons for you to choose from.