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Skull caps

Skull caps are called many different names; skull caps, riding helmets, jockey helmets, the list goes on!  In short, skull caps are a type of horse riding helmet known for their rounded, streamlined shape and their lack of peak on the front of the riding helmet.  This makes them suitable for jumping activities and cross-country riding. 

Designed primarily for racing, cross-country, and eventing, skull caps offer maximum coverage and depth for a comfortable, well-protected feel.  Jockey skull caps are traditionally deeper in fit than peaked horse riding hats and offer the rider good all-round protection from falls and trauma.  Many riding schools prefer junior riders to wear a skull cap instead of a peaked hat as they are more versatile and can be used for both flatwork riding and jumping.  

The absence of a peak ensures that nothing obstructs the rider’s field of vision but it also reduces the risk of the helmet catching on branches or other obstacles, providing an extra layer of safety.  The lack of a peak is also preferential for high-speed horse riding activities as it reduces the risk of cervical fracture in the event on a fall where the forehead comes into contact with the ground first.

The skull caps available at Online for Equine all meet PAS015 (2011); some also benefit from SNELL which offers additional crush protection whilst others incorporate MIPS technology to reduce the risk of acceleration force injuries to the brain.

When it comes to fitting skull caps, we always advise booking a safety fitting to achieve the perfect fit.  Skull caps all fit slightly differently in shape so you will not necessarily be the same size when switching between brands and styles of skull caps.

We stock a range of Charles Owen Skull Caps, Champion Riding Helmets and Karben Skull Caps.