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Fly Rugs & Fly Masks

Fly rugs and masks are essential for many horses throughout the summer season, helping to relieve them from irritating flies and insects, as well as to prevent a number of health conditions. Fly rugs can also help to keep horses cool during hot weather - the rug reflects the sun’s rays, keeping them cooler and protecting the coat from sun bleaching.

Fly Rugs
For complete protection, look for fly rugs with a belly flap which will offer your horse the most coverage to stop insects from getting at the horse’s skin. Alternatively, if your horse suffers from allergic reactions or sweet itch, then a sweet itch rug is the best option. Sweet itch rugs cover the ears and poll, have a generous belly flap and generally cover more of the horse’s body to reduce the chance of insect bites.

Waterproof fly rugs are also a common choice for typical British summers! A waterproof back panel protects the horse while the breathable mesh sides ensure the horse stays cool and protected from insects.

Fly Masks
Along with a wide selection of fly rugs, we also stock a vast variety of fly masks, fly veils, fly fringes and nose nets. We stock fly masks with ears, without ears and with nose protection, as well as masks with UV protection.

Shop popular brands of fly mask for your horse, including a wide range from Shires, Le Mieux, Equilibrium and WeatherBeeta.