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Exercise Sheets 

A horse exercise sheet or exercise rug is ideal during the colder seasons to help keep your horse’s back and quarters warm and dry, particularly if he has been clipped or for during slower work where he won’t be getting hot. Exercise sheets are designed to cover the horse’s hind end while still offering freedom of movement.

For safety and visibility, hi-vis/reflective exercise sheets are a sensible choice, particularly for hacking on the roads – covering your horse in a hi-vis sheet is the best way to make you both visible to traffic, even during nasty weather and from a distance, while reflective strips offer further visibility to other road users.

Walker/lunge rugs and sheets are a great choice through the winter months in adverse weather, especially for clipped or thin-skinned horses - walker rugs fasten around the base of the neck and are cut away at the shoulder to allow your horse unrestricted movement, while keeping the back and hindquarters warm.

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