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Turnout Boots & Mud Fever Chaps

Offering horses the correct protection while turned out in the field is essential if your horse is prone to field injuries or mud fever. Our selection of turnout boots and mud fever chaps will ensure that your horse’s legs are correctly cared for throughout the year as well as being safe for day-long use. Turnout boots also help to keep horse's legs clean and dry - a great time saver when daylight hours are short in the winter!

There are a wide range of turnout boots on the market offering protection to horse’s legs for those that treat their paddock like a playground. Turnout boots need to be contoured to correctly fit the leg, easily but securely fastened to avoid them slipping and tough enough to endure daily wear and tear while preventing knocks and scrapes. Breathable turnout boots are a must – it’s important for the horse’s legs to stay cool while wearing turnout boots. The material of the boots should be strong and durable but not water absorbing – boots that absorb water will become heavy and more likely to rub the legs as well as weakening the skin beneath.

Through the winter months many horses can suffer from mud fever, particularly horses with white legs, photosensitivity or a low immune system. Using turnout boots, mud socks or mud fever chaps that extend down to cover the pasterns and heels will highly reduce the risks of the horse developing mud fever and soreness.

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Turnout boots can also be used to offer support and warmth for horses that are older or arthritic, helping to ease any stiffness.