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Horse Headcollars

Horse headcollars are key pieces of horse tack for daily handling of your horse or pony.  Head collars can be made of leather or synthetic materials to suit your requirements and are available in a wide range of colours and designs including fleece padded headcollars, nylon headcollars and anatomical headcollars.  Headcollars are usually available from in a range of sizes including small pony, pony, cob, full or extra full to help you achieve the perfect fit.

Leather headcollars have traditionally been used for travelling or for leaving on horses in the field as the leather will usually snap under pressure in the event the horse becomes stuck; nowadays, there are specific headcollars for travelling and for use in the field to help keep your horse safe.

Fieldsafe Headcollars & Travel Headcollars 

You can purchase field-safe headcollars with a safety mechanism designed to snap under pressure if the horse gets stuck in the horse trailer or lorry.  These safety headcollars feature a breakaway point made from leather or Velcro to ensure your horse can get itself free if stuck in the trailer or lorry.  The Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar is a customer-favourite travel headcollar, thanks to its smart appearance and quick-release safety mechanism.  

Fieldsafe headcollars, similarly to travel headcollars, feature a quick release mechanism to ensure your horse can easily release themselves should they get stuck on fences or trees in the field.  Fieldsafe headcollars also feature a Velcro or leather breakaway point to ensure the headcollar becomes quickly detached in the event of the horse becoming trapped.  We recommend field safe headcollars are used for all turnout and for use with grazing muzzles to keep your horse safe.

Control Halters

Control halters are headcollars made of thin rope material, often with knots at key pressure points.  Control halters can improve groundwork and leading behaviour in young horses, but they are also a great training tool for use with more established horses.  Control halters can be useful when loading horses but it is advisable to change into a travel-safe headcollar for travelling.  It is important to never tie your horse up from a control halter, we recommend they are only used under supervision.

LeMieux Headcollars

LeMieux offer a range of anatomical leather headcollars as well as fleece headcollars, control headcollars and LeMieux mini headcollars for small ponies.  The LeMieux headcollars are the perfect choice if you like to match your horse to the LeMieux colour collections each season, combining style and comfort for the ultimate fit.