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Equine Massage Therapy

At Online For Equine we offer affordable massage therapy equipment suitable for all horses and ponies that will promote relaxation, improve flexibility and help to improve muscle condition. Massage therapy helps to offer your horse both mental and physical relaxation and will prevent injury by warming up the muscles before work.

We offer the Equilibrium Therapy massage range. The massage back pad is a popular product – useful and time-saving, the back pad can be worn by the horse when it’s stood in the stable or on the yard without you having to manually massage the horse. The massage mitt is also popular, working the muscles in the hindquarters, shoulders and neck where the back pad doesn’t cover.

For other alternatives to battery powered massage therapy we offer grooming brushes and grooming mitts to massage and relax your horse while you groom him. This will promote and improve muscle condition as well as helping improve your bond with your horse.