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Equine Ceramic Therapy

Equine ceramic therapy is a popular alternative therapy that is accessible to owners of leisure horses and professionals alike. Ceramic therapy involves ceramic fibres being interwoven and infused into fabric. When these ceramic fibres come into contact with a heat source (the horse’s body), they reflect the heat back through long-wave infrared radiation. This reflected heat offers a variety of benefits to the horse through increasing the circulation: it relieves muscle tension; warms up the muscles prior to exercise; keeps muscles loose when used after a workout; prevents the legs from filling while stabled; and aids injury prevention and recovery (reduces inflammation).

Ceramic products are easy to use as they don’t need a power source, so can be used without supervision and without needing to be recharged. They are easily washable and there are no spare parts that will need replacing (as with magnetic therapy).

At Online For Equine we stock a selection of ceramic therapy products to benefit your horse. Ceramic therapy products available for horses includes rugs, saddle pads, wraps and boots.