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Body Protectors

Shop up-to-standard horse riding body protectors for the best possible protection

Body protectors offer a high level of protection from fractures, bruising and soft tissue injury to your upper body in the event of a fall. There is always a potential risk of injury when riding even the safest of horses, especially if riding at speed or jumping, so wearing an up-to-standard equestrian body protector will significantly help to prevent serious injury. It’s also a good idea to wear one while riding young/green horses or when hacking on the road.

Horse riding body protectors must meet BETA standards to be worn in affiliated competitions, but it’s always best practice to buy a body protector that is tested and meets the highest possible standards for your own safety.

 The BETA Level 3 2018 Standard for body protectors is the current standard for competing. Level 3 body protectors are considered appropriate for general riding, competitions (including eventing), and for working with horses. Look for the black and turquoise BETA label for reassurance that your safety wear is at the highest possible standard.