Loose Ring Bit Cheeks – Actions & Benefits

“Loose ring” refers to the bit rings being able to completely rotate and move through the bit ring grooves (holes in the mouthpiece), allowing for movement of the mouthpiece they are attached to. This movement can allow for “play” in the mouthpiece which can help to increase acceptance of a contact. Loose rings can also allow the mouthpiece to move so that it may follow the angle of the tongue (in the instance of a double jointed or single jointed mouthpiece); the angle of the poll and the overall outline of the horse will change throughout different types of work and different stages of training, so this movement allows for changes without restriction.

The movement of loose ring bits can be useful for a horse that is prone to “fixing against”, “taking a hold of” or “leaning on” the bit. Flexibility of the bit and mouthpiece makes it more difficult for the horse to use the bit in this way and instead will support and promote self-carriage during the horse’s training. Loose ring bits can encourage the horse to relax its jaw, developing a nice, consistent feel in the contact.

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