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  1. Le Mieux Silicone Bit Guards
  2. Cottage Craft Curb Hooks
  3. Shires Blenheim English Hackamore
    Shires Blenheim English Hackamore
    From Special Price £26.99 RRP Regular Price £29.99
  4. Sprenger KD Curb Chain
  5. Sprenger Curb Chain hooks for Driving Bits
  6. Sprenger Curb Chain Hooks for Weymouth Bits
  7. Sprenger Curb Chain Hook, Flat
  8. Sprenger Curb Chain for Driving Bits
  9. Sprenger Curb Chain for Weymouth Bits
  10. Sprenger Curb Chain Guard
  11. Sprenger KD Curb Chain Guard
  12. Sprenger Pelham Bit Converters
  13. Sprenger KK Ultra Universal Leather Curb Strap
  14. HY Leather Gag Cheeks
  15. Neue Schule Pelham Roundings
    Neue Schule Pelham Roundings
    From Special Price £36.99 RRP Regular Price £39.90
  16. Neue Schule Rope Running Gag Cheeks
    Neue Schule Rope Running Gag Cheeks
    From Special Price £36.99 RRP Regular Price £39.90
  17. Neue Schule Pony Leather Curb Strap
  18. Neue Schule Pony Lip Strap
  19. Neue Schule Leather Curb Strap
  20. HY Bit Guards
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 39

Set Descending Direction

Hackamore Bits & More

Online for Equine take pride in being one of the most trusted equestrian retailers in the industry, we are experts in all things equestrian. One of the collections we take pride in the most is our extensive collection of horse bits, we offer many different styles and variations, including loose ring snaffles, Pelham bits and more.

As there are many different types of bits, we have created this collection to offer you a wide selection of different bit types. Popular types include the eggbutt and the hackamore bit.

An eggbutt snaffle bit is similar to the loose ring snaffles and full cheek snaffle bits, however the mouthpiece does not actually rotate within the horse's mouth. This lack of movement is something the horse actually will prefer as reduces any likelihood of the mouthpiece pinching the inside of it'd mouth or lips. This little difference can actually make a tremendous difference in the long-term, the risk or likelihood of any lasting oral irritations or damage is significantly less.

A hackamore is actually a piece of headgear that doesn't use horse bit at all, however it does have a similar use for riders as it can direct and communicate with your horses. A hackamore works in a slightly different way than a regular bit, a horse bit works by placing pressure on various sensitive areas of the mouth (for instance: the tongue, roof or mouth bars), whereas the hackamore applies pressure using a noseband. A hackamore can be just as effective as a bit in the right hands.

We also offer many different bitting accessories for your use, to make sure you stay in full control whilst on your horse. If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding bitting, you can call our team and speak to our bitting expert who would be more than happy to provide you with all the help you need and to answer and question you may have.