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The LeMieux Young Rider Collection is a specially curated line of LeMieux clothing specifically designed for young riders.  This collection from LeMieux seamlessly combines functionality, comfort, and style to meet the unique needs of young equestrians and their love of matchy matchy!

Key items in the LeMieux Young Rider Collection include the LeMieux Young Rider Base Layer and LeMieux Young Rider Tights, two of our best-selling pieces each season. The LeMieux Young Rider Base Layer is crafted from breathable, moisture-wicking materials, ensuring young riders stay dry and comfortable during their rides. It is perfect for year-round wear and matches perfectly with saddle pads, hoods and boots for a truly co-ordinated look.

The LeMieux Young Rider Tights are made with durable, stretchy materials to offer maximum comfort and flexibility, allowing for ease of movement during riding and whilst at the stables.

In addition to these essential LeMieux base layers and tights, the young rider collection includes a range of accessories such as socks, and hat silks.  This collection teams perfectly with LeMieux colour collections meaning young riders can be fully coordinated for a matchy matchy look or they can mix and match for a more individual horse riding outfit.