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Brow bands are a piece of tack that sits at the top of a bridle towards the ears of the horse, connecting to both ends of the head stall and sitting just bellow the ears of the horse, the brow bands purpose is to ensure that the bridle does not slip back on the horse’s head away from the poll and cause discomfort or increased pressure. The Brow band should not be tight or pinching on the horse’s head as this may cause pinching and irritation, leading to issues such as head tossing, nor should the brow band be too loose and flap around on the horse’s head causing him or her irritation. A nose band should ideally lay flat across the horse’s head and is made often from leather and can be styled with twists or shapes, and even embedded with diamantes. Some brow bands are required specifically for shows and so here at Online For Equine we offer a very wide selection of brands and products for you to choose from! If you have any questions regarding Brow bands, please give us a call and we would be happy to answer any inquires you have!