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What Are Hay Nets For?

Hay nets are an essential item for most horse owners, especially for horses that spend any amount of time stabled. They keep hay rations contained and tidy for storage prior to feeding, then are a tidy and waste-reducing way to feed horses when tied in the stable. Hay nets can also be used in the field through the winter or for horses on reduced grazing as well as for traveling in a horsebox or trailer.

There are a range of hay nets and haylage nets available on the market to suit different horses’ needs whether you have a greedy pony or an elderly horse. They can be used to slow down greedy horses and encourage more natural trickle feeding for healthier digestion, as well as making forage last longer to reduce boredom.

Hay nets are also useful for weighing out and portioning hay or haylage rations as well as for soaking or steaming hay prior to feeding. Make up hay nets in advance through the winter to save yourself time day-to-day when the daylight hours are limited.


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