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21 products

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  1. Shires Bale Tidy

    RRP £18.50

    From: £17.95

    An essential labour saving device for anyone who has to carry bales of hay or straw in their car. A bale shaped bag made from heavy duty nylon with two carrying handles.

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  2. Classic Showjumps Hay Holder

    The Classic Showjumps Hay Holder allows you to provide a more natural feeding position for your horse while feeding hay and haylage in the stable, keeping your horse more confortable and preventing issues which can be potentially caused by haynets including excessive muscle development under the neck and uneven tooth wear. It also lets dust and mucus drain from the nostrils which will help prevent coughs and respiratory issues. This Hay Holder is quick and easy to fit to the corner of the stable, is safe and suitable for all horses ponies, and prevents contamination or wastage of forage.  

    Hay Holders are also a great timesaver when compared to filling haynets.

    Height: 100.0cm Weight: 7.0kg

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  3. Stubbs Net So Easy Hay Net filler

    The Stubbs Net So Easy Hay Net filler has made the job of filling haynets easier than ever. The ring is heavy enough for stability when holding the net open to fill, but it is light enough to move to the bale. It features heavy duty ring and is mounted on strong tubular legs with sure footed rubber feet. It doesn't rock on uneven ground because it is mounted on three legs.

    The ring is coated in black with bright zinc plated legs.

    Height 85cm, width 62cm and projection 62cm.


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  4. Shires All-Mesh Hay Bag

    RRP £26.99

    From: £20.50

    An easy to fill hay bag with small mesh panels on both sides so that the horse has to work to eat. The base and sides are made from a perforated fabric to enable water to drain easily. A good size to accommodate a large quantity of hay.

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  5. Shires Deluxe Small Hole Haylage Net

    RRP £12.99

    From: £10.50

    The deluxe haylage net from Shires is a superbly strong haylage net ideal for controlled feeding of hay of haylage. This haylage net features small holes and a strong rope to ensure the net is hung securely and high off the floor.

    The mesh size is 30mm (1.25") making it ideal for horses and ponies alike.

    This haylage net is available in small (blue & black) or large (red & black).

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  6. Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack

    RRP £43.57

    From: £39.21

    The Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack is a great option for feeding hay and haylage in the stable. Smaller mesh encourages slow feeding while ensuring the hay/haylage stays inside the rack. This Stubbs haylage rack is made from strong steel which is hot dip galvanised for maximum durability. 

    Supplied with four zinc plated brackets for complete flexibility when mounting.

    Weight: 3.3kg

    Dimensions: H 53cm x W 87cm x D 61cm

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  7. Shires Hay Bag

    RRP £12.99

    From: £11.69

    Strong bag with cut out hole to reduce hay wastage. Tough and easy to use.

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  8. Equilibrium Munch Net

    The Equilibrium Munch Net is a small holed net designed for holding Equilibrium munch blocks. It prolongs the eating of Vitamunch or munch snacks and is an ideal boredom breaker for stabled horses. This Equilibrium Munch Net also helps to encourage natural trickle feeding to ensure the horse's digestive system is kept in optimum health.

    Available in a range of colours; one size.

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  9. Shires Deluxe Haynet

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    Extra strong haynet featuring metal rings at the bottom and around the top enabling easy filling and tying. Mesh features 5.5cm (2.25") holes to reduce wastage. Capacity: 6.5kg

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  10. Le Mieux Hippo Hay Net

    RRP £12.50

    From: £11.88

    The Le Mieux Hippo Hay Net is the ideal net for greedy feeders, regulating their feed intake with smaller holes. This ensures better digestion, as well as reducing the amount of waste.

    Available in Blue/Grey and Burgundy/Beige.

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  11. Le Mieux Hay Tidy Bag

    RRP £18.95

    From: £18.00

    The Le Mieux Hay Tidy is ideal to use while travelling and is great for reducing waste and mess, keeping your lorry or trailer tidier! Tough, waterproof and hard-wearing, this hay bag has a feeding panel on the front for the horse to eat from, with reinforced stitching making it suitable for any horse. The large drawstring opening at the top improves filling efficiency, with an adjustable strap and clip helping to ensure easy tying. This hay tidy will prolong feeding for greedy eaters and maintains dust free hay comsumption. 

    Available in one size in Black or Navy.

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  12. Stable Kit Deluxe XL Haylage Net

    Online for Equine offer the Stable Kit Deluxe XL Haylage Net.

    Strong and durable polyurethane with small holes. Ideal for horses who eat their hay or haylage quickly.

    Available in One Size in Black/Royal Blue, Navy/Red or Purple/Lilac.

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  13. Shires Hay Bag Deluxe

    RRP £19.99

    From: £17.99

    Tough, practical and easy to fill, the small feeding area of this hay bag makes it useful for controlled feeding and restricted diets and can offering greater entertainment for stabled horses. Reduces wastage and mess, so great for feed economy, tidy stables and perfect for transportation. The base features riveted holes for drainage of soaked feed.

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  14. Shires Haynet

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Extra strong nylon haynet with larger holes and metal rings. Mesh size: 10cm (4") and capacity 6.5kg

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  15. Stable Kit Standard Haylage Net

    The Stable Kit Standard Haylage Net is a medium-sized haynet with small holes, top rings and contrast string.

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  16. Stable Kit XL Haylage Net

    The Stable Kit XL Haylage Net is an extra large polypropylene haynet with small hole, eight top rings and contrast string.

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  17. Stable Kit Economy Standard Haynet

    The Stable Kit Economy Standard Haynet is a polypropylene hay net with no top rings and features the same coloured string.

    Measures 31cm x 20cm with 6cm squared holes.

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  18. Shires Greedy Feeder Net

    RRP £24.99

    From: £13.69

    Slow your greedy feeder down for better digestion and extended stable activity. Very small holes let hay or haylage out slowly and make the horse have to work harder and greatly reduces the amount of wastage on the stable floor. Longer forage time means less opportunity for boredom and inactivity. Mesh size: 2.5cm (1").

    Available in three sizes.

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  19. Stable Kit Standard Haynet

    Polypropylene, standard size, large holes, top rings, contrast string.

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  20. Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net

    RRP £15.50

    From: £10.79

    This Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net is made from soft nylon material. 

    This haylage net is woven into it's netting shape rather than knotted to stop it from getting tangled, this also makes it kinder on your horse & more durable against nibblers. Available in a range of sizes making it suitable for controlled feeding. 

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Haynets, Hay Bags & Racks

Haynets and haylage nets are designed to slow down feeding rates, save forage from being trodden into the bed and help to monitor the amount fed when you are weighing forage. Horses are trickle feeders and are designed to eat little and often, so smaller holed haynets will make your horse’s forage last longer. Hay bags are a good solution to feeding hay and haylage while travelling to minimise mess and wastage.