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Superfix SportMax...a revolutionary supplement for our competition horses?

After trialing most joint supplements on the market over the years, I have often felt a little disheartened with a £40+ something dent in my bank balance each month and little change under saddle.

The difficulty with supplements which help joints and increase range of motion or even prolong soundness is that most of them claim to make a difference without the scientific research to back up their claims; as the consumer we are lead to believe that the bright bar charts and complex line graphs on the labels are the result of robust research when in fact they are the result of a rather clever marketing team.

Another issue with the effectiveness of joint supplements is how we the consumer work out if a supplement actually works for our horse? He feels more willing to stretch or his pirouettes are better or how about… well he seems to be working better from the leg; what you and I think may be entirely different as we have different expectations from our horses, hence the difficult question; which supplement do I chose????

I recently came across Superfix Supplements; as a bit of a science geek, I want data...proof that something is going to work or at least a study showing that the ingredients work and that is exactly what I found with Superfix.

The compounds used within Superfix SportMax are allowed by the FEI & BHA, hoorah! You would be surprised how many are not when you start digging! Superfix SportMax contains 100% natural plant compounds Superfix Sportmax contains anti-pain substances which have a therapeutic impact upon electrical transfer of pain signals through the horse Superfix SportMax contains plant compounds which help to prevent the breakdown of joint cartilage and stop chemicals being produced within the joint which are proven to lead to further degeneration and inflammation. All horses in training, jumping or intense exercise produce a greater quantity of chemicals called cytokines that increase susceptibility to illness, infection and inflammation. Superfix SportMax contains several compounds which aid in defence, protection and repair mechanisms of soft tissue with special relevance to the hardworking synovial joints.

So I am giving it a go! At £80 for a 6 week supply it is on par with the cost of most other 'joint' supplements on the market but has the important added bonus that it has been developed by using strong scientific research...I am excited to see the results!

~O4E Vicki


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