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36 products

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  1. Red Gorilla 4 Prong Manure Fork

    The Red Gorilla 4 Prong Manure Fork is designed with 4 strong steel tines and is well-balanced through the shaft, making this an ideal tool to get mucking out done quickly. This manure fork is strong and lightweight making it simple to use. 

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  2. Fyna-Lite Groovy Pink Shavings Fork

    RRP £38.51

    From: £34.84

    The Fyna-Lite Groovy Pink Shavings Fork is a best-selling and superior quality shavings fork which has been engineered to last. This fork comes with a bright pink head to stand out. Strong yet lightweight, this fork is balanced and easy to use. It's suitable for use with many different bedding types including shavings, pellets, wood chip, hemp, paper and more -  the carefully designed head allows you to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable.

    Available in a senior version with 120cm handle or a junior version with 79cm handle. 

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  3. Fyna-Lite 4 Prong Manure Fork

    Online for Equine offer this superb range of Fyna-Lite Manure Forks.

    The Fyna-Lite four pronged manure forks are 40% stronger than mild steel alternatives and as they are forged in one piece, they are far less likely to snap, shatter or bend as commonly experienced with cheaper brands of muck fork. The Fyna-Lite muck fork has been perfectly balanced, helping to make light work of your mucking out duties. This muck fork is ideal for use with straw and cardboard bedding, it is also ideal for use as a hay fork.

    These muck forks are manufactured in the UK and as a result feature superb design features and longevity qualities. This muck fork is available with the choice of a long, D or T shaped handle in either pink or green.

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  4. Fyna-Lite Junior Stable Shavings Fork

    RRP £37.01

    From: £34.15

    Ideal for children, the Fyna-Lite Junior Stable Shavings Fork is a scaled down version of the best-selling Fyna-Lite Shavings Fork, making it easier for children to use. This allows them to become more involved and helps to establish good stable habits and responsibility for horse care. 

    Available with 75cm D-grip handle or 79cm textured straight handle.

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  5. Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Stable Fork

    Online for Equine offer the superbly versatile Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Fork.

    Fyna-Lite have designed the Multi Mucka to be the only professional stable fork that is suitable for use with all types of bedding including straw and shavings. This professional fork is a firm favourite on yards that use different bedding types as it reduces time and ensures you can quickly go from one stable to the next, regardless of bedding type. This stable fork is perfectly balanced and extremely lightweight making mucking out a more straightforward task.

    The Multi Mucka from Fyna-Lite features sharpened and pointed steel prongs which help you to easily remove a variety of bedding types. The Multi Mucka is also a firm favourite for use when poo-picking fields as the steel prongs easily slide beneath droppings without causing disturbance to the grass below.

    The Multi Mucka is available with a wide range of handle types to suit all yard demands.

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  6. Stubbs Galvanised Shavings Chip Fork

    The Stubbs Galvanised Shavings Chip Fork is a strong yet lightweight shavings fork at an afforable price. Made from quality materials, it combines a hot dip galvanised steel shavings fork head (36cm width, 30cm depth) with a 120cm wooden handle.

    It's perfect for use on shavings or woodchip beds and can be used to skip out straw beds too.

    The wooden handle and head are usually supplied seperately for ease of shipping so some self-assembly is required.

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  7. H2Go Water Carrier

    The H2Go Water Carrier is an easier way to fill water buckets instead of carrying buckets or containers from the yard to the field! This H2Go Water Carrier fits inside a wheelbarrow and allows you to transport up to 80 litres of water easily. It's designed with a fitted spout which makes the water easy to pour, with an attached cap to avoid spillages.

    Includes a non-slip mat which sits under the bag inside the wheelbarrow. 

    Capacity: 80ltrs

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  8. Saddlers Yard Rake

    Online for Equine retail the Saddlers yard rake.

    Made of quality materials, this rake features a metal head and prongs.

    This leaf rake is ideal for heavy duty use.

    This leaf rake is perfect for removing unwanted leaves or uneaten hay from field or paddock areas and can even be used on the yard.

    This yard rake also features a grip around the top of the handle for comfort when in use.

    Handle colour may vary.

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  9. Red Gorilla Plastic Shovel

    The Red Gorilla Plastic Shovel is a large, durable and strong shovel ideal for heavy-duty tasks around the yard. Available in a range of colours, these shovels have D handles for better grip.

    Height 101cm, blade width 31cm

    Available in Blue, Pink, Pistachio, Purple, Red, Sky Blue and Yellow

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  10. Yard Scoop Snow Shovel

    Online for Equine retail the Yard Scoop Snow Shovel.

    Made of high quality materials, this yard scoop features a wide, plastic blade and a wooden handle.

    This yard scoop is strong, sturdy and lightweight making it a must have tool in any tool shed.

    With the wide blade, this yard scoop is an ideal way to quickly move bedding as to assist when sweeping.

    This yard scoop is easy to use and easier to store.

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  11. Harold Moore Ultra Light Shovel

    Lightweight & hardwearing plastic shovel.

    Online for Equine stock the Harold Moore standard shovel.

    Made of high quality materials, this shovel features a plastic blade and handle.

    This shovel is highly versatile and ideal for use in the stable and around the yard.

    This all-plastic shovel is both strong and durable making it a must have tool in any tool shed.

    This shovel also features a D-shaped handle for easy use and easier storage.

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  12. Shires Childs Premium Chip Fork

    Lightweight and easy to use, the Shires Childs Premium Chip Fork is a shorter length fork benefitting from a durable aluminium stem, ergonomic D-grip handle and a large capacity, tough plastic fork head. This chip fork is suitable for many different types of bedding including shavings, wood pellets, wood chip and paper.

    Child size is 122cm length

    Available in black or pink.

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  13. Stubbs Net So Easy Hay Net filler

    The Stubbs Net So Easy Hay Net filler has made the job of filling haynets easier than ever. The ring is heavy enough for stability when holding the net open to fill, but it is light enough to move to the bale. It features heavy duty ring and is mounted on strong tubular legs with sure footed rubber feet. It doesn't rock on uneven ground because it is mounted on three legs.

    The ring is coated in black with bright zinc plated legs.

    Height 85cm, width 62cm and projection 62cm.


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  14. Red Gorilla Big Tidee Rake

    This Red Gorilla Big Tidee Rake is perfect for poo picking or skipping out stables. 

    This Tidee rake is designed with a standard length, comfort grip handle, ensuring that you are comfortable whilst poo picking. It is lightweight enabling you to be able to move it from stable to stable easily.

    Available in a variety of colours; 47cm in length.

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  15. Red Gorilla Big Tidee Plastic Rake

    This Red Gorilla Big Tidee Plastic Rake is perfect for poo picking or skipping out stables. 

    This Tidee rake is designed with a standard length, comfort grip handle, ensuring that you are comfortable whilst poo picking. It is lightweight enabling you to be able to move it from stable to stable easily.

    Available in a variety of colours; 49cm in length.

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  16. Shires Pole Type Folding Saddle Rack

    Folding saddle rack, perfect for tack rooms where space is a premium. The arm remains attached when it is folded down.

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  17. Perry Equestrian Moulded Polypropylene Wheelbarrow

    Online for Equine offer the Perry Equestrian Moulded Polypropylene Wheelbarrow.

    Made of high quality polypropylene with strengthening lip, this wheelbarrow features a one piece, single moulded tubular frame for strength.

    This highly balanced wheelbarrow is ideal for mucking out multiple stables or field shelters and will easily hold upto 110 litres.

    Supplied with a pneumatic tyre, on a moulded metal disc wheel for strength this wheelbarrow also features a tipping bar for ease of unloading.

    Supplied as a flat pack item, this wheelbarrow is easy to assemble and supplied in a range of colours.

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  18. Fyna-Lite Skip Muck Scoop & Rake

    Made in the UK, the Fyna-Lite Skip Muck Scoop & Rake is designed using high specification materials for ease of use, durability and longevity. This muck scoop and rake is light in weight yet exceptionally strong and is perfect for use in the stable, yard, horse box and field. It makes stable and yard chores quick and efficient with its effective design - the specially shaped head "flicks" debris into the scoop with ease.

    Available in a range of colours.

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  19. Childs Weelie Barrow Wheelbarrow

    Online for Equine offer the Childs Weelie Barrow Wheelbarrow.

    This wheelbarrow is ideal for little helpers on the yard who struggle with mum or dads large wheelbarrow! The lightweight plastic bucket is lightweight for ease of manoeuvre.

    The Childs Weelie Barrow Wheelbarrow is robust and functional taking up to 20kg/20 litres of bedding. Comes flat packed for assembly.

    Dimensions (mm): 860L x 430W x 340H.

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  20. Fyna-Lite Multi Weeda Ragwort Fork

    Online for Equine offer the Fyna-Lite Multi Weeda Ragwort Fork.

    Fyna-Lite have developed the multi weeda to quickly and effectively remove large weeds such as Ragwort from the ground with minimal damage. As Ragwort spreads so quickly, it is essential that it is removed as soon as the weed appears. Ragwort is an accumulative poison when ingested which with time, causes irreversible damage to the liver and can cause horse fatalities. Please help us reduce the amount of Ragwort in the UK.

    The sharpened prongs of the multi weeda quickly and effectively penetrate the oil and helps to effectively remove the entire weed. The Fyna-Lite multi weeda is also perfect for the removal of dandelions, docks and thistles, in fact all deep-rooted field and garden weeds.

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Make sure your horse’s stable and field are kept clean and tidy with mucking out tools which have been designed to make your daily chores easier. Whether you bed your horse shavings, straw, wood pellets or other bedding, shop forks, brooms and shovels which will help you muck out quickly and easily. Also, shop from a selection of wheelbarrows whether you need a smaller barrow for one horse or bigger barrows for yard use.