Bit Size
4" / 101mm 2
Extra Small (4" - 4.5") 1
4.25" / 107mm 4
4.5" / 114mm 7
4.5" / 115mm 5
Small (4.5" - 5") 2
4.75" / 120mm 6
5" / 125mm 2
5" / 127mm 10
Medium (5" - 5.5") 2
5.25" / 133mm 7
5.5" / 140mm 9
Large (5.5" - 5.75") 2
5.75" / 146mm 8
X Large (5.75" - 6.25") 2
6" / 150mm 2
6" / 152mm 7
6.25" / 159mm 5
XX Large (6.25" - 6.5") 2
6.5" / 165mm 3
Show more Show less
Neue Schule 15
Dublin 25
Le Mieux 4
Charles Owen 7
Trilanco 1
Airowear 6
Gatehouse 5
Champion 6
Norton 1
Equi-Thème 16
Bucas 2
Horseware Ireland 31
Tuffa 1
One K Helmets 2
Eskadron 4
Uvex 1
Roeckl 1
Equetech 37
Bogs 3
Cavallino Marino 3
Horze 6
Masta 1
Shires 94
Weatherbeeta 38
Mark Todd 11
Harry Hall 7
Pikeur 14
Euro-Star 16
Rugged Horse 2
Cottage Craft 5
Toggi 25
Online for Equine 3
Equilibrium 4
GFS Riding 4
Caldene 6
Tredstep Ireland 18
Woof Wear 1
Digby and Fox 1
EcoRider 1
Riding World 2
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Clothing Feature
Waterproof 13
Taped Seams 10
Windproof 19
Water Resistant / Showerproof 14
Reflective 3
Thermal / Fleece Lined 5
Mobile Phone Pocket 4
Full Suede Seat 1
Full Gel / Silicone Seat 3
Gel / Silicone Knee Patch 8
Final Clearance 51
Show more Show less
Child/Junior/Maids 26
Boys 9
Ladies 78
Mens 16
Adults/Unisex 12
Silver 1
Beige / Natural 4
Black 43
Natural / Beige 1
Blue 74
Brown 16
Green 22
Grey 30
Orange 5
Pattern / Print 6
Pink 15
Purple 17
Red 18
White 12
Yellow 2
Show more Show less
Footwear Size
UK 3.5 1
UK 4 2
UK 4.5 1
UK 5 2
UK 5.5 1
UK 6 2
UK 6.5 1
UK 7 2
UK 7.5 1
UK 8 2
UK 9 1
UK 9.5 1
Show more Show less
Ladies Dress Size
UK 6 5
UK 8 23
UK 10 23
UK 12 20
UK 14 20
UK 16 20
UK 18 22
UK 20 4
UK 22 1
Show more Show less
Mens Size
X Small 1
Small 1
Medium 1
Large 1
X Large 1
£1.00 - £359.00
Rug Design
Standard Neck 5
Fixed Neck Combo 10
Detachable Neck 4
Exercise Sheet / Walker Rug 1
Rug Size
3'9" (45") 1
4'0" (48") 16
4'3" (51") 13
4'6" (54") 15
4'9" (57") 12
5'0" (60") 19
5'3" (63") 17
5'6" (66") 34
5'9" (69") 24
6'0 (72") 25
6'3 (75") 14
6'6 (78") 19
6'9 (81") 21
7'0 (84") 21
7'3" (87") 19
Small 5’6 -5’9 (115-125cm) 1
Medium 6’0-6’3 (130-140cm) 1
Large 6’6-6’9 (145-155cm) 1
Extra Large (7'0 - 7’3 (160-165cm) 1
Show more Show less
Rug Weight
No Fill 2
50g 1
110g 2
200g 1
220g 8
300g 2
350g 2
360g 6
450g 1
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Safety Standard
Kitemarked to PAS015 (2011) 22
Kitemarked to VG1 01.040 2014-12 20
SNELL E2016 1
Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163:2015 7
BETA 2018 Level 3 4
Shires Rug Brand
Tempest Original 3
Highlander Original 2
Highlander Plus 2

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436 products

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  1. Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring - 9009/9012

    RRP £81.76

    From: £57.99

    The Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring is the Neue Schule's ergonomically designed version of a French link, with the lozenge designed to have a similar action. The lozenge is deisgned to share the tongue contact area with the adjacent loops to give a smoother feel over the tongue. It's a much more comfortable mouthpiece that promotes better performance and acceptance, eradicating the link digging into the tongue and instead providing a much milder action.

    The double joint allows more flexibiity, ensuring more clear and independent rein aids.

    Available with a 16mm mouthpiece thickness - 70mm bit rings; 5 - 6" or 12mm mouthpiece thickness - 55mm or 70mm bit rings; 5 - 6.5"

    NS Reference 9009/9012

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  2. Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring - 9010/9011

    The Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring is a mild bit designed to promote self-carriage and throughness by clarifying and emphasising the aids given by the rider through the reins. The Verbindend can help to develop a true outline and freedom through the shoulder. It will also help to eradicate tongue evasions by encouraging the horse to soften and relax through the jaw, accepting the bit and the contact. The cleverly curved mouthpiece can also help to develop the bend required for lateral work and smaller circles.

    Available in the following combinations:

    12mm mouthpiece thickness: 55mm rings - 4.5 - 6.5"; 65mm rings - 4.5 - 4.75"; 70mm - 4.5 - 6.5"
    16mm mouthpiece thickness; 5 - 6.5"; 70mm bit rings

    NS Reference 9010/9011

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  3. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher - 8093B

    RRP £121.80

    From: £85.99

    The Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher is ideal for ponies who are constantly resisting the contact, are strung out or come above the bit. The combination of the Baucher cheek and the NS Tranz Angled Lozenge mouthpiece encourages a head-lowering action and gives a softer feel through the reins. This then helps the rider to achieve and maintain rounder and more correct outline. This design also often proves beneficial for over-sensitive mouth.

    The Performance Pony Tranz Angled Baucher is highly recommended for where help is needed for straightness and directional control.

    Available in 4 -5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093B

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  4. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt Snaffle - 8093E

    The Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Eggbutt suits ponies which are tentative and inconsistent in the contact. The eggbutt cheeks offer a better level of stability for the bit within the mouth, boosting the pony's confidence and encouraging it to seek the contact and take the rein forwards. It's very beneficial for releasing and encouraging forwards short tense necks, as well as being excellent for directional control. 

    Unlike with traditional eggbutt cheek designs, combining the NS cheeks and NS Tranz Angled mouthpiece, feel and response is not lost 

    is the perfect bit for use in ponies that are inconsistent in their head carriage. The stability offered by the fixed cheek allows the horse to seek the bit by taking the rein forward and down helping to develop accurate carriage. This bit is perfect for improved directional control and is our favourite for use in ponies with a short neck such as Welsh cobs. The angled lozenge mouthpiece helps the rider to develop feel and ensures aid application gains a light, obedient response which is perfect for use by young riders.

    This is a firm favourite amongst parents as it is a very mild bit and helps youngsters to develop the correct feel for their pony's mouth. This bit has been specifically designed to suit a pony's oral anatomy.

    This bit is dressage legal and is available in a 10mm wide mouthpiece, in a range of widths.

    Available in 4.5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093E

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  5. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Beval - 8093BEV

    RRP £95.70

    From: £66.99

    The Neue Schule Pony Performance Tranz Angled Lozenge Beval has a mild lever action which causes forward tilt in the cheek pieces, applying poll pressure for more control. The Beval bit is ideal for situations in which an ordinary snaffle doesn't offer as much control. This bit will also help with turning and downwards transitions. The Tranz Angled Lozenge Beval is ideal for children and novice riders that may struggle with the techique and leg aid application in order to achieve and maintain a correct outline. The Beval cheeks have been scaled down in proportion with the pony mouthpiece.

    Available in 4.25 - 4.75"; 10mm mouthpiece

    NS Reference 8093BEV

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  6. Neue Schule Performance Pony Tranz Angled Lozenge Universal - 8093U

    RRP £129.54

    From: £90.99

    The Neue Schule Pony Performance Tranz Angled Lozenge Universal features a lozenge to help encourage the pony to relax on the bit. The ergonomic design features a cleverly curved mouthpiece which eliminates interference with the upper palate and prevents the bit from lying too far forwards in the mouth where it could pinch the sensitive sides of the tongue. This thin mouthpiece has been specifically designed to suit the pony's mouth anatomy for comfort and acceptance.

    The Universal is ideal for use during faster work and jumping, utilising poll pressure to generate more control and aiding steering without upping the severity of the mouthpiece. The design of this bit also helps to eliminate head tossing when the pony is asked to shorten its stride between fences or when asking for downwards transitions. This bit provides four rein options, including the option for a curb and Pelham roundings, to let the rider adjust the bit to suit the pony.

    Available in 4.25 - 5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093U

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  7. Neue Schule Performance Pony Butterfly Pelham - 8093BP

    RRP £139.69

    From: £97.99

    The Neue Schule Performance Pony Butterfly Pelham is designed to help give the rider additional control when needed, and also helps with turning and encouraging a correct outline. This Pelham will also help to lighten the forehand for strong ponies, promoting self-carriage and being useful when jumping. This lightweight design, elegant cheeks and thin mouthpiece are designed to be more comfortable for the smaller heads and mouths of ponies, and give an attractive and correct look in the show ring. This bit will also benefit children who do not always support their inside rein as the mouthpiece won't slide through the pony's mouth.

    Supplied with a polished stainless steel curb chain.

    Available in 4 - 5"; 10mm mouthpiece thickness

    NS Reference 8093BP

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  8. Equi-Thème Tyrex 1200D Standard Neck Turnout Rug

    RRP £69.90

    From: £39.99

    The Equi-Theme Tyrex 1200D Turnout Rug is a robust standard neck rug which offers excellent excellent value for money!

    The waterproof and breathable 1200D ripstop outer is tough and hard-wearing, with taped seams to fully prevent water penetration. The large waterproof tail flap gives your horse further protection from wind and rain. The nylon lining is antistatic and anti-chafing to prevent rubs, hair loss or sores, while synthetic sheepskin padding at the withers reduces pressure and discomfort. Freedom of movement is promoted with shoulder gussets. This rug is secured with low cross surcingles, an adjustable rear strap and quick-release, adjustable fastening at the chest, reinforced with self-gripping bands.

    Available in no fill (0g), 50g, 150g, 300g and 450g

    Comes with a 2 year full warranty for peace of mind (in normal use conditions).



    Available in 0g, 50g, 150g, 300g and 450g

    Standard neck design
    1200D ripstop breathable outer
    Sheepskin wither padding
    Adjustable front closure

    Available in Navy/Burgundy, Red/Grey or Grey/Blue; sizes 5'9 - 7'0

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  9. Equi-Thème Tyrex 1200D High Neck Turnout Rug

    RRP £73.90

    From: £49.99

    The Equi-Theme Tyrex 1200D High Neck Turnout Rug is a superbly robust, turnout rug. The high neck design is extremely popular for sensitive horses, removing any wither pressure points. This rug is supplied with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee for peace of mind. This waterproof, breathable turnout rug features a robust and durable 1200 Denier ripstop polyester outer with taped seams and nylon lining for ultimate comfort. This rug features a very large waterproof tail flap for the ultimate coverage and protection from the elements, synthetic sheepskin padding at withers, low-cross surcingles, and an adjustable rear strap. Quick release fastening at chest, reinforced with self-gripping bands. Supplied in navy / burgundy in 4'3 - 7'0; available in a variety of weights to suit all seasons. Learn More
  10. Masta Basics 200g Fixed Neck Turnout Rug

    RRP £89.99

    From: £75.99

    The Masta Basics Fixed Neck Turnout Rug in a 200g weight is the ideal rug for those wet days in cooler months.

    This rug features a shoulder gusset for an enhanced fit, freedom of movement and prevention of shoulder rub, giving your horse maximum comfort no matter how long they spend in this rug.

    As well as this, the rug also features an anti-rub lining which promotes a clean and shiny coat, and front buckles for full adjustment of the rug with a fillet string and rear d-rings for optional leg straps. 

    Made using 600 denier ripstop polyester outer fabric that is completely waterproof and breathable, making this rug durable and therefore perfect for wet/cold days spent out in the field.

    Available in a weight of 200g in a range of sizes in the colour Navy Blue.

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  11. Shires Highlander Plus Waterproof Fly Combo Rug

    RRP £89.99

    From: £57.99

    If you are looking for a fly sheet with all the benefits of a waterproof rug without having to swap rugs then the Shires Highlander Plus Performance Maxi-Flow Waterproof Fly Combo Rug is the answer. With a ShireTex 600 denier waterproof, breathable, ripstop top section it will keep your horse dry from unexpected downpours whilst the integrated lower section is made from maxi-flow mesh to protect against those annoying flies and encourage airflow.

    The added bonus of this highly functional rug is that it has an integrated neck cover which fastens with touch close straps and a generous adjustable belly flap for maximum coverage, buckled double breast straps, shoulder gussets, fillet string and a large tail flap. This rug offer 90% UV block which shields the horse from harmful UV radiation and sun bleaching whilst keeping him dry and cool.

    This rug is machine washable.

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  12. Shires Highlander Plus Sweet-Itch Combo Rug

    RRP £74.99

    From: £56.24

    The Shires Highlander Plus Sweet-Itch Combo Rug is made from 600 denier fabric and is lightweight whilst offering protection against insect bites and sweet-itch. Features include an integrated neck cover with a stretch ear panel to keep the neck cover up, without hindering the horses ability to graze.

    The neck cover fastens with four touch close straps for ease of adjustment. The light colour of the rug helps to reflect heat, therefore keeping your horse cool even on hot days. This rug can also be used as a stable sheet to keep the horse clean if it is required, which can make it handy for use the night before a show. Additional comfort features of this rug include anti rub lining to the neck, breast and shoulders, deep gussets at the shoulder for freedom of movement, a fully adjustable fastening belly flap, and a super large tail flap to keep the flies at bay; this rug features leg strap loops but is not supplied with leg straps; they can be added if required.

    The fabric of this rug will shine the horses coat, leaving a healthy summer shine behind when it is taken off.  Offers 90% UV blocking to prevent coat bleaching and burning.

    Machine washable.

    Supplied in white in 4'9" - 7'3".

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  13. Shires Tempest Original 200g Combo Turnout Rug

    RRP £79.99

    From: £67.74

    The Shires Tempest Original 200g Combo Turnout Rug is a durable medium weight turnout rug featuring a useful 200g polyfill weight, ideal for use in colder weather. The integrated contour neck cover makes this an ideal rug for keeping your horse warm, clean and dry. The neck fastens with double-sided touch close straps.

    Key features of this turnout rug includes:

    • ShireTex® 600 denier ripstop outer; the outer is waterproof and breathable with taped seams
    • PFC-free outer fabric
    • Adjustable buckle chest straps
    • Adjustable cross surcingles and fillet strap
    • Tail flap for additional protection from the weather

    Available in Pink Nebular, Black and Flamingo Print; sizes 4'0" - 7'3"

    Learn More
  14. WeatherBeeta ComfiTec Channel Quilt 220g Mediumweight Standard Neck Stable Rug

    RRP £69.99

    From: £47.99

    The WeatherBeeta ComfiTec Channel Quilt 250g Standard Neck Mediumweight Stable Rug is a mediumweight stable rug offering a cosy 250g fill, ideal to keep the chill off during the cooler autumn evenings or for hardier horse during the winter.

    This mediumweight Weatherbeeta stable rug offers a robust 210 Denier outer, which is more durable than most stable rugs and is ideal for use on the cooler autumnal evenings, into winter.

    The ComFiTec Channel Quilt Stable Rug has a 210T polyester lining to keep the coat shiny and polished; this mediumweight stable rug is easily fastened with an adjustable buckle front closure with touch tape, low cross surcingles and a tail cord.

    Available in navy / silver / red or iron / flame in sizes 4'0 - 7'3.

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  15. Equi-Thème Thermic Ladies Breeches

    RRP £105.00

    From: £79.99

    These competition riding breeches are designed for demanding riders due to thermal regulation, stretch and extreme toughness. Entirely lined and totally opaque. On outer side, abrasion resistant microfibre increases lifespan of breeches. Stretch memory weaving for a well-adjusted and anatomic fit, self seat and silicone knee patches. Waistband with loops and hook closure. Double thickness elastane lower leg. Bottom of back line is enhanced with solitaires strass. Topstitched tapered front pockets. Available in White in sizes 36 - 42. Learn More
  16. Equi-Thème Verona Ladies Breeches

    RRP £72.90

    From: £39.99

    The Equi-Theme Verona Ladies Breeches are one of our best selling breeches offering superb fit, comfort and longevity! Year round breeches, breathable and stretch in 60% cotton, 33% polyamide and 7% elastane. Contrasted top stitching to contour legs and to underline shaped seat and fabric knee patches. Jeans pockets in front and faux pockets with press buttons on back side, all decorated with contrasted piping. Elastic non-slip waist with double belt loops. Wide belt loop with plate on backside: metallic plate decorated with strass on glitter background for the ladies model, and punched metallic plate on synthetic fabric background for the mens. Stretch lower leg in double thickness elastane to make them easy to slip on and insure they will stay put without any discomfort. Machine washable at 30°C. Learn More
  17. Mark Todd Mens Auckland Pleated Front Breeches

    RRP £79.98

    From: £60.65

    The Mark Todd Mens Auckland Pleated Front Breeches are ideal for gents looking for a comfortable fitting breech with a little more room at the front!

    These mens breeches offer a traditional style in a 4-way stretch fabric that is durable, comfortable and breathable. Featuring a self fabric euro seat with no inner seam to prevent rubbing and an ultra grip knee patch with embossed branded logo. They also feature a wide waistband with belt loops, single front fastener with branded button, pleated front, side pockets with stud popper closures and a single back zip pocket. 

    These mens breeches are suitable for everyday wear or smart enough for competition.

    Learn More
  18. Mark Todd Ladies Coolmax Grip Breeches

    RRP £99.98

    From: £70.34

    The Mark Todd Ladies Coolmax Grip Breeches are a very comfortable and stylish pair of breeches perfect for everyday wear around the yard. 

    Theses breeches are made from coolmax fabric making these breeches very comfortable in any condition and temperature control and wicking properties perfect for in any weather. Other features of these breeches include, silicon grip knee patch, sock ankle, belt loops and Mark Todd embroidery. 

    These are the perfect addition to any horse riders wardrobe, stylish and comfortable able to go with any outfit for any occasion.

    Available in a range of colours and sizes.

    Learn More
  19. Mark Todd Mens Coolmax Grip Breeches

    RRP £102.99

    From: £76.94

    The Mark Todd Mens Coolmax Grip Breeches are perfect for around the yard as comfortable leg-ware or even for shows and events. 

    These breeches are made from a coolmax fabric which is a technical material which has temperature control and and wicking properties, making these breeches perfect for any weather condition. Other features include silicon grip knee patch, sock ankle, belt loops and Mark Todd embroidery. 

    These breeches are a brilliant addition to any horse riders wardrobe comfortable and stylish to go with any outfit for any occasion.

    Available in a range of colours and sizes.

    Learn More
  20. Mark Todd Ladies Marceline Breeches

    RRP £74.98

    From: £56.33

    These Mark Todd Ladies Marceline Breeches are a beautiful pair of breeches perfect for shows & events. 

    These breeches offer anatomical shaped seems to ensure that they are a tailored fit for the rider, providing them comfort throughout there wearing time.Silicone knee grips make sure you don't slip when in the saddle, they have a jean style with pockets that can accommodate the latest smartphones, Ideal for competitions or for training at home and finished off with Mark Todd embroidery. 

    Available in a range of sizes & colours.

    Learn More
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