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  1. Shires Performance Suede Numnah

    RRP £29.99

    From: £26.99

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Performance Suede Numnah that has a suede top layer and comes in a variety of vibrant colours.

    Colour : Black, Plum, Burnt Orange, Raspberry, Royal Blue, Teal, White

    Saddle Size : 15" - 16.5", 17" - 18"

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  2. Shires Performance Cotton Numnah

    RRP £26.99

    From: £24.29

    Online For Equine offers the Shires Performance Numnah that is available in a range of vibrant colours.

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  3. Shires Performance Supafleece Airflow Anti-Slip Numnah

    RRP £47.99

    From: £43.19

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Performance Soft Grip Airflow Anti-Slip Numnah, ideal for horses struggling from saddle slips and sweating.

    This numnah offers a secure and comfortable fit for your saddle; this Shires numnah features shock absorbing, anti-slip panels on the outer to provide exceptional stability for your saddle. 

    The front of this saddlecloth features a super soft fleece rolled edge for comfort.  This numnah is made from air motion mesh along the spine to provide superb ventilation beneath the saddle, helping your horse keep cool during exercise; the mesh core and perforated panels help to improve breathability keeping your horse comfortable.  The WickAway stay dry lining helps to effectively wick away moisture and sweat whilst the smart geometric outer looks great for everyday wear.

    Available in black; supplied with reinforced girth guard area and touch close retaining straps.  Available in black in 15"-16.5" or 17"-18" in black.

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  4. Shires Quilted Numnah

    RRP £23.99

    From: £12.00

    General purpose quilted numnah featuring contoured profile. Soft, highly absorbent lining with girth loops and retaining straps for a secure fit. Great for everyday use. Available in a range of colours. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large.

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  5. Shires Wessex Numnah

    RRP £15.99

    From: £14.39

    Easy care fabrics make this an ideal daily numnah which features diamond quilt and round edges. This numnah offers a roomy fit around the wither for comfort. Retaining straps and girth guides for a secure fit. 100% polyester. Machine wash cool, air dry.

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  6. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Show Numnah

    RRP £82.50

    From: £78.38

    The Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Show Numnah is a luxurious show numnah lined with 100% natural Merino lambskin which unbelievably soft and cushioning. The wool is breathable and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature beneath the saddle. This show numnah has a perfectly discrete edge with an elasticated panel strap to hold the pad in place. The Merino wool gives perfect depth cushioning without being too bulky, with the cut away girth area allowing a snug fit. The wool is rolled around the edges of the pad, preventing your horse from being rubbed or chaffed. 

    Please note these are 100% natural skins the top side (beneath the saddle) will show variations in colour and texture. 

    Available in Brown; sizes X Small (<15.5"), Small (<16.5"), Medium (<17"), Large (<17.5") or X Large (<18") 

    Machine wash at 30ºC on a cool/wool wash; air dry near a heat source - do not tumble dry.

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  7. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah

    RRP £82.96

    From: £78.81

    The Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah is the ideal show numnah and is forward cut on the front edge to accommodate working hunter showing saddles. The elasticated panel strap will hold this numnah discretely in place. Natural Merino wool full lining ensures this numnah is completely comfortable, alleviating the risk of sores or chaffing. The Merino wool is breathable and ensures a comfortable optimum temperature beneath the saddle; the rolled edges further ensure comfort and prevent the pad from rubbing to keep your show horse in pristine condition. The rolled edges are cut away at the girth area, keeping the pad close and preventing any slipping or movement.

    Available in Brown; size Small (<16.5"), Medium (<17"), Large (<17.5") and X Large (<18")

    Machine wash at 30ºC on a cool/wool cycle; air dry near a heat source - never tumble dry


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  8. Le Mieux Merino+ Half Lined GP Jump Numnah

    RRP £89.95

    From: £85.45

    The Le Mieux Merino + Half Lined GP Jump Numnah is a premium quality GP/jump numnah which is half lined with pure Australian Merino lambswool - this wool is much denser, softer and cushioning than older sheep's wool commonly used. It's also fully breathable, maintaining a comfortable temperature whether used in summer or winter. It regulates humidity, controlling the breeding of bacteria and preventing skin irritations, chaffing and pressure sores.

    This GP/jump numnah has a swan-neck design which relieves pressure over the withers and spine whilst improving air flow. A stiff spine gives the numnah very good shape and stability under the saddle. The strengthened girth protection area helps to make this pad more durable, with a double lock adjustable velcro strap keeping the pad secure.

    Available in Brown/Brown, Black/Black, White/Natural, Black/Natural and Navy/Navy; sizes Medium and Large

    Machine wash at 30ºC on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash; air dry near a heat source.

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  9. Le Mieux Merino+ Full Monty GP/Jump Numnah

    RRP £139.94

    From: £132.95

    The Le Mieux Merino+ Full Monty GP/Jump Numnah is a premium, high quality numnah designed for the ultimate comfort of your horse, fully lined with 100% natural Australian Merino lambswool with a full rolled edge. The lambswool lining is thicker (22mm) under the seat area and lighter in the lower panels (18mm). Lambswool is much denser and softer than older sheep's wool which is commonly used. Natural wool promotes blood circulation, is fully breathable and maintains an optimum temperature over the horse's back in the summer and winter. This humidity regulation controls the breeding of bacteria and prevents skin irritations, chaffing and pressure sores.

    This fully lined GP numnah features a swan-neck design, relieving pressure across the wither. The spine of this pad is stiff to encourage airflow while preventing pressure points. The strengthened girth protection area is durable for longevity and the double adjustable velcro straps help to prevent the pad from slipping.

    Available in Black/Black or Brown/Brown; size Large


    Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stuff brush; machine wash at 30ºC on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash; air dry near a heat source.

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  10. Le Mieux Pro Sport Plain Close Contact Cotton Numnah

    RRP £42.50

    From: £40.38

    Designed for the active horse, offering style, durability and maximum fabric performance. A number of new design features have been added to make this a fantastic pad.

    • Waffle inner lining controls temperature & breathability. Inner layer improves sweat wicking properties. 
    • Double velcro girth straps with optional inner locking loop to prevent slipping 
    • D-Ring straps contoured to give better fit and allow breast plate attachments 
    • Swan Neck design for freedom at the wither. 
    • Signature girth protection area for added strength.

    These specially designed pads are idea for everyday or competition use. They also looked great when combined with a Lemieux half pad creating a very smart look.

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  11. Le Mieux Merino Half Lined Suede Dressage Numnah

    RRP £89.95

    From: £85.45

    Le Mieux Merino+ marks a milestone in saddle pad innovation and longevity. The result of extensive research & testing to find the elusive 'pure lambswool pad that has all the density & softness of Merino Lambskin but can withstand the trials of regular washing and daily wear'. The combination of fine WoolMark accredited Australian Merino wool and beautifully engineered fabrics put these Merino+ pads in a class of their own - naturally conceived technically achieved.

    Many issues experienced with real lambskin pads are associated with the skin getting hard and brittle. With the new Merino+ pads the lambswool has been removed from its skin and integrated with a unique backing fabric that can expand & contract, whilst retaining its inbuilt strength. The fabric aids wicking & moisture control, each fibre holding up to 30% its weight, keeping the surface of the back cool & dry. Temperature variations are also minimised. The density and consistent depth of the Merino+ wool means it offers a perfect fit. Its dynamic nature also means it moves and remoulds to the horse's shape without too much bulk.

    The lambswool, dyes and fabric are all tested to human medical standards by a Swiss laboratory, so work in harmony with even sensitive skin.

    Each half lined numnah & square is stacked with features from a Swan neck & high cut-back wither profile to contoured D-Ring attachments and reinforced girth protection areas. This dressage numnah is finished in our Signature range material. The underside is a towelling flannel that absorbs sweat - minimising friction and maximising comfort for the horse. The topside is a luxurious suede with a subtle sheen.

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  12. Le Mieux Pro Sport Plain Close Contact Cotton Half Square

    RRP £42.50

    From: £40.38

    A cooler morse streamlined pad that minimises restriction, but retains the stability of a square. Designed for the competitive rider offering modern style & performance. These technically conceived pads have high quality fabric structure enabling them to retain shape & resist shrinkage. Inner lining of waffle aids stability whilst breathing and managing heat & sweat. All have the familiar LeMieux swan neck and girth protection areas with new locking loops. Contoured D-Ring straps also feature on pads.

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  13. Apollo Air Comfort Quilt Numnah

    RRP £29.99

    From: £18.99

    The Apollo Air Comfort Quilt Numnah is a great padded numnah for everyday use that is comfortable, highly breathable and helps to keep the horse cool during exercise. The deep quilting offers excellent impact protection and comfort. This numnah also has a high wither swan neck, taking the pressure off the withers. Features front tabs and girth straps to help keep the pad secure.

    Machine washable and very quick drying.

    Available in Black, Navy, or White; sizes Small (16"), Medium (17") and Large (18")


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  14. Acavallo Gel-Grip Showing Numnah

    RRP £114.95

    From: £109.20

    The Acavallo Gel-Grip Showing Numnah is a truly versatile showing numnah, providing a unique combination of benefits in one pad. Ideal for more sensitive horses, this numnah is designed to keep the saddle perfectly in place while absorbing sweat and staying completely comfortable. Acavallo's hypoallergenic gel provides a non-slip, shock absorbing layer on the underside of this luxurious suede numnah. The discrete, supremely soft Merino lambswool edging is soft and prevents rubbing. Once your horse is tacked up this numnah keeps your saddle secure, stopping it from slipping. This pad is neat while being comfortable for the horse without the bulk. 

    This pad is reversible and can also be used with the gel facing upwards.

    This pad can be washed at 30ºC, or can be hand washed in a bucket of water with a little detergent (Acavallo recommend Fairy Liquid). Rub Le Mieux Wool Wash into the lambskin area. Do not use harsh detergents and do not tumble dry.

    Do not expose to direct head or strong sunlight - allow the pad to dry naturally.

    Available in Brown; sizes Small - X Large

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  15. Le Mieux Half Lined Close Contact Numnah

    RRP £89.95

    From: £85.45

    Beautiful lightweight cotton numnah with luxurious light high density Merino wool. A lot less bulky than traditional jumping numnahs. Designed for more forward cut jumping saddles with stream lined shape to minimise heat build up and weight. The new Swan-Neck design & D-ring straps are suited to most makes. The 'tear-drop' signature girth protection area cushions & protects the top of the girth and helps prevent slipping, stains and wear & tear. This range is designed to fit most makes of close contact jumping saddle such as those made by: Devercoux, Butet, Antares, Equipe, Albion, Jeffries, Barnsby, Bates, Pessoa, Wintec, Jaguar & many more

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  16. Shires Performance SupaFleece Numnah

    RRP £45.99

    From: £33.74

    Treat your horse to this luxury numnah half lined with sheepskin-like SupaFleece and rolled edges to protect against shock, sores and chaffing. Smart style features and fabrics, secured with touch close straps. Machine washable. Available in Large.

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  17. Cottage Craft Epsom Numnah

    RRP £21.99

    From: £13.99

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Epsom Numnah.

    This epsom numnah is ideal for everyday use.

    Economy foam filled poly/cotton numnah.

    Available in Sizes Pony, Cob or Full in Black, in either Brown, Navy, Red or White.

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  18. Shires Air Motion Numnah

    RRP £29.99

    From: £25.88

    Online for Equine offers the Shires Air Motion Numnah which is breathable and compression resistant to allow air flow and reduce a build-up of heat. The fabric offers cushioning and is shock absorbent for extra comfort. It offers quick drying properties and close retaining straps and girth guides.  

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A numnah is a saddle pad, placed underneath the saddle the numnah's original purpose was to protect the saddle from sweat from the horse and dirt. Similar to a saddle cloth, a numnah can cushion the saddle, protect the horse's back and provide a layer of sweat protection between the saddle and the horse's back.

A saddle pad (numnah) is quite thick in comparison to other saddle protection alternatives, the shape of this type of saddle pad matches the relative shape of the saddle, making the numnah a favourite amongst horse riders.

A good numnah will be able to absorb shock whilst riding and ensure that the horse's back muscles do not fatigue. With a tough outer layer on top and a softer inside for the horse's back, the numnah contains layers of a soft substance like a foam or a felt like material.

Online for Equine offers a wide selection of numnah saddle pads perfect for you and your horse from the leading equestrian brands. We ensure that our collections include the finest pieces from the equestrian industry, so you know when you buy your numnah saddle pads from us, you are getting the best.

If you are looking at buying a numnah and have any questions, please feel free to discuss any queries you have about saddle pads with our team.