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129 products

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  1. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Show Numnah

    RRP £89.95

    From: £85.45

    The Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Show Numnah is a luxurious show numnah lined with 100% natural Merino lambskin which unbelievably soft and cushioning. The wool is breathable and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature beneath the saddle. This show numnah has a perfectly discrete edge with an elasticated panel strap to hold the pad in place. The Merino wool gives perfect depth cushioning without being too bulky, with the cut away girth area allowing a snug fit. The wool is rolled around the edges of the pad, preventing your horse from being rubbed or chaffed. 

    Please note these are 100% natural skins the top side (beneath the saddle) will show variations in colour and texture. 

    Available in Brown; sizes X Small (<15.5"), Small (<16.5"), Medium (<17"), Large (<17.5") or X Large (<18") 

    Machine wash at 30ºC on a cool/wool wash; air dry near a heat source - do not tumble dry.

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  2. Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah

    RRP £89.95

    From: £85.45

    The Le Mieux Pro Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah is the ideal show numnah and is forward cut on the front edge to accommodate working hunter showing saddles. The elasticated panel strap will hold this numnah discretely in place. Natural Merino wool full lining ensures this numnah is completely comfortable, alleviating the risk of sores or chaffing. The Merino wool is breathable and ensures a comfortable optimum temperature beneath the saddle; the rolled edges further ensure comfort and prevent the pad from rubbing to keep your show horse in pristine condition. The rolled edges are cut away at the girth area, keeping the pad close and preventing any slipping or movement.

    Available in Brown; size Small (<16.5"), Medium (<17"), Large (<17.5") and X Large (<18")

    Machine wash at 30ºC on a cool/wool cycle; air dry near a heat source - never tumble dry


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  3. Le Mieux Merino+ Half Lined GP Jump Numnah

    RRP £98.95

    From: £94.00

    The Le Mieux Merino + Half Lined GP Jump Numnah is a premium quality GP/jump numnah which is half lined with pure Australian Merino lambswool - this wool is much denser, softer and cushioning than older sheep's wool commonly used. It's also fully breathable, maintaining a comfortable temperature whether used in summer or winter. It regulates humidity, controlling the breeding of bacteria and preventing skin irritations, chaffing and pressure sores.

    This GP/jump numnah has a swan-neck design which relieves pressure over the withers and spine whilst improving air flow. A stiff spine gives the numnah very good shape and stability under the saddle. The strengthened girth protection area helps to make this pad more durable, with a double lock adjustable velcro strap keeping the pad secure.

    Available in Brown/Brown, Black/Black, White/Natural, Black/Natural and Navy/Navy; sizes Medium and Large

    Machine wash at 30ºC on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash; air dry near a heat source.

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  4. Le Mieux Pro Sport D-Ring Cotton Lining Dressage Square

    RRP £44.95

    From: £42.70

    Designed for the active horse, offering style, durability and maximum fabric performance. A number of new design features have been added to make this a fantastic pad. A waffle inner layer lining controls temperature and breathability whilst the inner layer improves sweat wicking properties. Double velcro girth straps with optional inner locking loop to prevnt slipping. D-Ring straps contoured to give better fit and allow breast plate attachments. 

    A swan neck design allow for freedom at the wither and signature girth protection area provides added strength. Come in a variety of colours and from sizes Small/Medium to X-Large.

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  5. Le Mieux Pro Sport Plain Close Contact Cotton Numnah

    RRP £44.95

    From: £42.70

    Designed for the active horse, offering style, durability and maximum fabric performance. A number of new design features have been added to make this a fantastic pad.

    • Waffle inner lining controls temperature & breathability. Inner layer improves sweat wicking properties. 
    • Double velcro girth straps with optional inner locking loop to prevent slipping 
    • D-Ring straps contoured to give better fit and allow breast plate attachments 
    • Swan Neck design for freedom at the wither. 
    • Signature girth protection area for added strength.

    These specially designed pads are idea for everyday or competition use. They also looked great when combined with a Lemieux half pad creating a very smart look.

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  6. WeatherBeeta AW20 Prime Ombre Saddle Pad

    RRP £39.99

    From: £35.99

    The new colours for the WeatherBeeta Prime collection have arrived! The new ombre colours of Oceans Reef, Sunflower Field and Rainbow Dream are already proving popular and are a bright, fun addition to your horse or ponies wardrobe!

    The WeatherBeeta Prime Ombre collection offer stylish, matching sets for your horse in unique ombre colourways! They have been designed to be functional and comfortable for your horse as well as beautifully eye-catching for an individual look!

    The WeatherBeeta Prime Ombre Saddle Pads are durable cotton pads featuring a wick-easy lining, helping to ensure your horse stays cool, dry and comfortable as you ride. A breathable mesh spine allows for extra airflow while the high wither, swan neck shape allows for extra space where needed, avoiding pressure or discomfort. These pads are designed with soft binding to prevent rubbing, velcro D-ring loops and girth loops to keep the pad secure and a reinforced patch at the girth for durability.

    Available in All Purpose/GP, Dressage or Close Contact cuts; Oceans Reef, Sunflower Field and Rainbow Dream; sizes Pony and Full.

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  7. Le Mieux Half Lined Merino + Cotton Dressage Square

    RRP £115.00

    From: £109.25

    The Le Mieux Merino marks a milestone in saddle pad innovation and longevity. The result of extensive research & testing to find the elusive 'pure lambswool pad that has all the density & softness of Merino Lambskin but can withstand the trials of regular washing and daily wear'. The combination of fine WoolMark accredited Australian Merino wool and beautifully engineered fabrics put these Merino+ pads in a class of their own - naturally conceived technically achieved Many issues experienced with real lambskin pads are associated with the skin getting hard and brittle. With the new Merino+ pads the lambswool has been removed from its skin and integrated with a unique backing fabric that can expand & contract, whilst retaining its inbuilt strength. The fabric aids wicking & moisture control, each fibre holding up to 30% its weight, keeping the surface of the back cool & dry. Temperature variations are also minimised. The density and consistent depth of the Merino+ wool means it offers a perfect fit. Its dynamic nature also means it moves and remoulds to the horse's shape without too much bulk. The lambswool, dyes and fabric are all tested to human medical standards by a Swiss laboratory, so work in harmony with even sensitive skin. Each half lined numnah & square is stacked with features from a Swan neck & high cut-back wither profile to contoured D-Ring attachments and reinforced girth protection areas.

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  8. Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride Seat Saver

    RRP £84.95

    From: £80.70

    The Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride Seat Saver is the most comfortable and shock-absorbant seat saver, with an increased 20mm depth of Acavallo gel. It's the ideal option for anyone with lower back, pelvis or hip issues, cushioning any jarring or impact through your seat. The gel out non-slip surface helps to keep you secure. The Cushion Ride seat saver offers the softest of rides and is perfect for long-distance rides or those needing a little more comfort!

    Available in large size (suitable for 17.5 inch saddle upwards) in either black or brown.


    Care Guide

    • Hand wash with fairy liquid to recuperate tackiness.
    • Machine washable on a normal 30 degree cycle. Ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing. Pull into the correct shape whilst damp to maintain shape during drying.
    • Air dry away from the heat source; do not tumble.
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  9. Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad

    RRP £49.95

    From: £47.45

    This Shaped therapeutic anti slip gel pad is made thicker than the light weight pad - giving it a dual pupose both anti-slip and shock absorbing. It can be used directly onto the skin or between a numnah and the saddle. This special gel is non-toxic hyperallergenic and will not react adversley to the skin. It will stop any unwanted movement of the saddle both back & forth and side to side. A real asset if saddles rotate on the 'rounder' horses & ponies!

    These pads are shaped and moulded to the saddle with a slightly thinner depth of gel running down the centre of the pad allowing the gel to sit up in the gullet rather than pushing down on the wither and spine.This gel can also be cut to the size of the saddle if needed. Show riders often cut it to half inch inside the profile of the saddle to appear as if there is nothing under the saddle  - when in fact there is a very nice shock absorbing non-slip layer!

    The active soft gel can be machine washed (30 degrees) or by hand in a bucket of water with a little detergent.

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  10. Acavallo Air Release Gel Pad

    RRP £64.95

    From: £61.70

    The newest innovation from Acavallo. Air is compressed within the cells of this non-slip pad and is expelled as the horse moves creating a cushion under the saddle

    Measurements of the gel pad are: - Length - 56cm Width - Front - 44cm Centre - 33cm Back - 40cm Thickness - 6mm
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  11. Acavallo Gel Rear Riser

    RRP £58.95

    From: £56.00

    The Acavallo gel risers are the most advanced design on the market. The highly shock absorbent therapeutic gel from Italy are anatomically designed to fit the horse's back & saddle and relieve pressure.

    The Rear Rise has the same honeycomb structure as the Front Riser to absorb and softly distribute the riders weight. It can be adjusted back & forward for effect. They can also be used together as an additional layer of absorption under the saddle. The tacky nature of these pads ensure minimal movement either laterally or back to front so they are in effect Non-Slip pads as well. They can be used in conjunction with the the Acavallo Shaped Gel Pads or can be placed on top of any numnah, half pad or square. Easily washed in a bucket and almost indestructible! 

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  12. Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad & Rear Riser

    RRP £59.95

    From: £56.95

    Moulded three-in-one gel saddle pad combines a built in rear riser with non slip and shock absorbing properties. Low profile ideal for use under close-contact saddles and where lift is required at the back of the saddle. Unique structure of gel allows natural compression conforming to saddle shape and allowing air to move. Very flexible and can be used on top of any numnah and saddle pad.

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  13. Acavallo Just Gel Lambskin Half Pads

    RRP £134.95

    From: £123.45

    This beautiful pad offers the best of both worlds. The therapeutic shock absorption of our shaped gel pad with added security of the non-slip properties of the gel on both sides. This allows the saddle to adhere to the top side and the bottom side to the numnah/square or the horses back if used on its own. The saddle is then cradled in a luxurious lambskin front & back rolled edge for the ultimate in 'good-looks'. The whole pad can be machine washed on 30 degrees.

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  14. Le Mieux ProSport Luxury Suede GP Saddlecloth

    RRP £44.95

    From: £42.70

    The Le Mieux Pro Sport Luxury Suede GP Square is perfect for adding a little luxury to your everyday riding attire.

    The outer layer of the square is made from luxurious suede with a smart sheen finish. Underneath the pad, the outer coating is a soft flannel style cotton to keep your horse comfortable when working, and to wick away sweat. These pads are designed for the active horse, and are guaranteed to last and live up to all hard wearing expectations. These Suede squares have been given a rating for sensitive skin making them fantastic for horses with sensitive skin. The girth straps on this pad are double locking to prevent the pad moving at all when it is under the saddle and the D-ring straps are also contoured to give a neater, tidier finish.


    Available in a range of current Le Mieux colours; size Small/Medium or Large

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  15. Le Mieux Competition Dressage Square with Cotton Lining

    RRP £48.50

    From: £46.08

    This competition square features 3 discreet clear pockets (one on either side to meet BD requirements) for your competition numbers meaning there is minimal fuss or hassle attaching holders or having a chance of losing them. Numbers displayed range from 001 to 999. 

    The cotton lining within the square offers temperature control and breathability. The inner layer improves swear wicking properties. As well as this the square offers double Velcro girth straps with an optional inner locking loop to prevent slipping of the square. The D ring straps are contoured in order to give a better fit and allow breastplate attachments. The swan neck design offers freedom around the wither and the signature girth protection offers added strength.

    Available in large and extra large in white only, the perfect competition square for the active competition horse.





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  16. Le Mieux Competition Close Contact Cotton Square

    RRP £48.50

    From: £46.08

    The Le Mieux Competition Close Contact Cotton Square is designed for the active competition horse meaning it offers style, durability and maximum fabric performance.

    As well as the features offered in the other Close Contact squares from Le Mieux, this square features discreet, clear pockets to store competition numbers in meaning no need for holders and eliminates the chances of losing them.

    Features of the square include:

    A waffle inner lining to control temperature, increase breathability and wick away moisture.

    Double velcro straps to prevent the square from slipping.

    D-ring straps contoured to give a better fit and allow for breastplate attachments.

    A swan neck design to give freedom around the wither area.

    Signature girth protection area for added strength.

    These squares are available in Large only and in White only.

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  17. Le Mieux Merino+ Half Lined Dressage Square

    RRP £115.00

    From: £109.25

    The Le Mieux Merino+ Half Lined Suede Dressage Squares are another item featured in Le Mieux's Merino+ range.

    These dressage squares features a Swan neck & high-cut back wither profile as well as contoured D-ring attachments and reinforced girth protection areas making them hard-wearing and long lasting. 

    Merino+ wool has been removed from the skin and integrated with a unique backing fabric that can expand and contract, whilst retaining it's built in strength. The wool also has wicking properties as well as moisture control with each fibre holding up to 30% of it's own weight, meaning it keeps the back surface cool and dry. 

    The lambswool, dyes and fabrics are all tested to human medical standards by a Swiss laboratory, ensuring that they work in harmony with sensitive skin.

    Available in 5 different colour combinations in Large only. 

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  18. Le Mieux Classic Pro Lambskin Half Pad

    RRP £84.95

    From: £80.70

    These high quality Half Pads are 100% natural Australian Merino lambskin - the wool is much denser & softer than the older sheep wool used in many rival numnahs. The new clear spine is swept up at the wither relieving pressure on the spine and allowing air flow. Half Pads are best sellers because they can be used with any cut of saddle. They can be used on top of a thin cotton square or straight onto the horses back. Available in three sizes Small, Medium & Large and four colour combinations. Old horsemen used to say: There's nothing better for a horses back than natural wool it promotes blood circulation - is fully breathable, maintaining optimum temperature in summer and winter - regulates humidity controlling the breeding of bacteria and viruses and prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores.

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  19. Le Mieux ProSport Luxury Suede Dressage Square

    RRP £44.95

    From: £38.25

    The Le Mieux ProSport Luxury Suede Dressage Square is part of Le Mieux's iconic collection of matching rider wear and horse wear. Updated with super-soft suede binding, the ProSport Luxury Suede Dressage Square sets new standards in style and comfort. This dressage square is designed to fit a wide range of dressage saddles, styled with a high wither and secured with elasticated D-ring tabs.

    The suede top side gives a luxurious finish while the new style soft binding ensures the pad stays in shape and minimises friction to prevent rubbing. The ProSport Luxury range is complimented with soft natural Bamboo lining to absorb and control sweat under the saddle. 

    Newer colours of the Luxury Suede collection feature the new PU girth protection area which is durable and wipe-clean, increasing the longevity of the pad. 

    Available in Le Mieux's current range of colours; sizes Small/Medium and Large

    Shop the rest of the collection for matching fly hoods, polo bandages and rider wear.

    Care Instructions

    Machine washable on a 30º cycle; air dry, do not tumble dry. Can be ironed on a low heat. Pull into correct shape whilst damp to maintain shape during drying.

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  20. Acavallo Thin Skin Light Weight Gel Pad

    RRP £39.95

    From: £37.95

    This extremely light weight gel pad can be used directly on the horses back or between numnah and saddle. It is very popular within the showing world as it is very good at stopping saddles from rolling side to side. It also helps stop saddles slipping up the neck and slipping backwards. The product can be cut with a pair of scissors for smaller saddles.

    The active soft gel pad is a easy care non toxic breathable product that is machine washable (30oC) or by simply running under water using a mild soap.

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Saddle Cloths, Numnahs & Half Pads

We offer an enormous range of saddle pads, numnahs and half pads, helping you to pair the best pad with your saddle to ensure your horse’s back is cushioned, comfortable and protected.

Saddle cloths and numnahs are designed to provide a soft layer between your saddle and the horse’s back, cushioning any impact, preventing any rubbing or pinching and protecting your saddle by absorbing sweat. Saddle cloths are typically square cut while numnahs are shaped to fit the saddle. Shop dressage, jump and general purpose saddle pads to suit various cuts of saddle.