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  1. Shires Soft Lunging Aid

    RRP £25.99

    From: £21.95

    tHE Shires Soft Lunging Aid is the ideal aid for using whilst lunging your horse, helping him to soften through the back.

    The soft lunge aid works on the bars and corners of the mouth. When the horse raises its head, pressure is applied to its mouth and bars encouraging the head to lower. Encourages a longer, lower outline and allows the horse to stretch though his back without fixing the head.

    This lunging aid can be particularly useful for horses that feel restricted in other types of training aids. Attaches to the bit with swivel trigger clips where the rope can be shortened and lengthened.

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  2. Shires Flexi-Rein

    RRP £17.99

    From: £16.04

    This simple patented rein attachment has been developed to provide the correct starting point for a relaxed, balanced and obedient horse. The Flexi-Rein® design allows your horse to naturally flex his poll and neck, encouraging your horse to relax as the uptake of elastic relieves any extra tension and pressure on the sensitive mouth area. Ensures improved results everytime you ride, whether out hacking, schooling or during competition and is also invaluable whilst lunging. Largely eliminates pulling, jogging, leaning on the bit, head tossing, snatching at the reins and relieves tenseness. Two levels of adjustment: the first for general schooling/hacking, the second for stronger horses or for faster work where more control is needed. James Sterling quality leather. Available in Black or Havana. Available in Pony, Cob/Full.

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  3. Shires Elastic Training Reins

    RRP £11.50

    From: £10.35

    Elastic training aid made from 6mm tubular elastic with adjustment on the poll. Easy to fit, the elastic passes through the bit and clips on to either the saddle D-rings or girth. Learn More
  4. Shires Nylon Harbridge Training Aid

    RRP £15.50

    From: £13.95

    Launched in 1995 the Harbridge has been a huge success and proved invaluable for all disciplines and abilities, since it imitates the perfect pair of hands. Testing has shown the Harbridge to be very useful for trotting poles, grid work and small fences since it aids concentration and greatly enhances bascule without any interference to the mouth. Can be removed without loosening the girth.

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  5. Shires Blenheim Market Harborough

    RRP £45.99

    From: £39.99

    The Shires Blenheim Market Harborough is a Blenheim quality Market Harborough training aid with continental web reins. Useful for ridden flat work, this training aid is fastened to the girth and runs up between the front legs, dividing into two narrow straps, each with a small clip hook at the end. These straps pass through the bit rings, from the inside to the outside, then are clipped to small D-rings on the reins.

    When fitted correctly, the Market Harborough applies pressure to the bit when the horse raises its head too far; this pressure is then relieved when the horse lowers its head. The horse is therefore consistently corrected in its way of going without rider interference in the mouth/with the bit. This training aid will help to develop topline muscle when the horse is working in a correct frame. 

    Caution: this training aid should only be used with an ordinary snaffle - not one with any sort of lever or gag action, or a Pelham. It should be fitted loosely to start with to allow the horse to get used to the action. Always make sure it's fitted loose enough so the direct, ordinary rein comes into action before the Market Harborough.  

    Available in Black or Havana; size Pony, Cob and Full.

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  6. Norton Training Aid

    RRP £47.90

    From: £39.99

    A very comprehensive training aid, simultaneously favouring a good hold on the forehand, great back mobility and engagement of the hind legs, thanks to its pulley system and its connection to the top part of the roller.

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  7. Shires Aviemore Leather Draw Reins

    The Shires Aviemore Leather Draw Reins are high quality draw reins with loop ends and buckles.

    244cm length; 3/4" (18mm) thickness.

    Available in Black or Brown.

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Online for Equine are passionate about promotion of ethical horse training methods. There are many equine training aids on the market. Horses learn by the application and removal of pressure from the rider of handler; unfortunately not all training aids work by removing pressure and some apply consistent pressure to the horse which can lead to habituation. Habituation to pressure can result in a heavy, confused horse and some owners may find that horses which are continually worked in training aids exhibit confused behaviours such as bolting, bronking, rearing and kicking.