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Horse Training
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  1. Dobert Carbon Hollow Fibreglass Dressage Whip
  2. IV Horse Lunge Cavesson
  3. JHL White Cotton Rope Halter
  4. Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip
  5. Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line
  6. Le Mieux Pro Safe Controller Chain Headcollar
  7. Shires Nylon Lunge Cavesson
  8. Shires Adjustable Rope Control Halter
  9. JHL Market Harborough
  10. JHL Chambon
  11. Cottage Craft Training Roller Pad
  12. Caldene Leather Draw Reins
  13. Cottage Craft Neoprene Pony Lunging Cavesson
  14. Cottage Craft Neoprene Lunging Cavesson
  15. Cottage Craft Training Lunge Cavesson
  16. Cottage Craft Draw Reins with Brass Buckles
  17. Cottage Craft Side Reins With Buckle & Eyelets
  18. Cottage Craft Slide Buckle Side Reins
  19. Cottage Craft Traditional Riding Whip
  20. Harlequin Show Cane
  21. Cottage Craft Cotton Lunge Rein
  22. Shires Topaz Jumping Bat
  23. Shires Rope Lunge Rein
  24. Shires Economy Schooling Whip
  25. Shires Lunge Whip
  26. Shires Lunging Whip
  27. Shires Rubber Grip Jump Whip
  28. Shires Spur/Strap Pack
  29. Cottage Craft Prince of Wales Spur & Strap Pack
  30. Sprenger Plaited Perlon Spur Strap
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 109

Set Descending Direction
Horse training is an area that we are very passionate about here at Online for Equine. Over the years we have developed a strong understanding of how horses learn and have had the honour of working with world class equestrian trainers and practitioners of equine ethology. When it comes to training your horse you should always recap on the principle of negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is the application of increasing pressure until the desired response has been achieved; the pressure must be removed immediately once the horse has trialled the correct response. It may sound very simple but there are many of us that get it wrong; by improving your timing and aid application consistency, your horse training can become far more effective. We stock a variety of lunge cavessons and lunge lines alongside training aids to help your horse to become balanced, rhythmic and obedient whilst being worked and handled from the ground. We also offer control halters to aid you in your in-hand work helping you to achieve a light and obedient horse. Our lunging and training equipment is supplied by some of the finest equestrian manufacturers in the UK including Shires, Cottage Craft and Polly Products.