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  1. Horseware Ireland Rambo Micklem Competition Reins
  2. Horseware Ireland Rambo Micklem Multibridle Reins
  3. GFS Premier Performance Flexi Soft Inside Grip Reins
  4. Mark Todd Fleece Lined Headcollar & Leadrope Set
    Mark Todd Fleece Lined Headcollar & Leadrope Set
    Special Price £19.24 RRP Regular Price £23.99
  5. Pink Equine Pony Browbands
  6. Horze Rubber Donut Side Reins
    Horze Rubber Donut Side Reins
    Special Price £26.99 RRP Regular Price £29.99
  7. Shires Small Brass Newmarket Chain
  8. Shires Large Brass Newmarket Chain
  9. Shires Brass Rein Chain
  10. Sprenger Diamond Paste
  11. JHL Anti Slip Reins
  12. Cottage Craft Simulated Sheepskin Noseband Cover
  13. Cottage Craft Sovereign Flash Noseband
  14. Le Mieux Pro-Gel Curb Guard
  15. Acavallo Gel Bit Guards
  16. Le Meux Merino+ Noseband Guard
  17. Le Mieux Pro-Gel Poll/Nose Guard
  18. Le Mieux Nose Band and French Blinkers
  19. GFS Bridle Comfort Pad
  20. Equipe Emporio Rubber Reins
  21. JHL Spare Headpiece
  22. JHL Plain Noseband
  23. JHL Slip Headpiece
  24. JHL Flash Noseband
  25. JHL Mexican Grakle Noseband
  26. JHL Leather Lead Rein
  27. JHL Continental Reins
  28. JHL Half Rubber Show Reins
  29. JHL Braided Reins
  30. JHL Plain Reins
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 150

Set Descending Direction
When it comes to replacing your bridle, you may decide that you only require a new pair of reins or a new noseband as it is far more cost effective to replace bridle parts than the entire bridle. Online for Equine offer a wide selection of leather reins featuring rubber grip as well as traditional plaited designs helping you to maintain a good grip! We offer British brands but also offer some continental leatherwork which works out more cost effective. We stock leather reins from Loveson, GFS as well as Caldene. There are a wide number of designs of horse noseband; Online for Equine recommend using a regular snaffle noseband which is fitted with two fingers width between the noseband and the horses jaw. However, some riders discuss issues such as the horse opening the mouth and crossing the jaw in evasion which is why we offer drop nosebands alongside flash nosebands and grackles. We also stock a collection of browbands suitable for showing that are velvet and feature embedded diamante to help you stand out in the show ring. Before buying any bridle parts, please check the rules for your discipline to ensure that your new piece of horse tack can be used in your class.