Shires Turnout Rugs

With over 50 years of experience, Shires know how to make rugs that last. They have turnout rugs to suit every season, style & budget and are trusted choice time after time. With so much on offer, here is a breakdown of Shires' turnout rugs at a glance to help make your decision easier. Choose Shires for peace of mind that you're giving your horse the best protection while being kind to your pocket too!

Shires have 4 turnout rug ranges to choose from - HighlanderTempest OriginalTempest Plus and Typhoon - with each range styled with individual design features, offering you levels of comfort and protection based on your horse's needs and your personal preferences. From 0g waterproof sheets up to thick, 300g heavyweight turnouts, these rugs cover all eventualities through all seasons of the year.

Look out for new colours additions and limited edition prints to refresh your horse's wardrobe!

Filled with features, the Shires Highlander range of rugs are designed for hardwearing comfort.

Offering a more generous fit than the Tempest and Typhoon rugs, Highlanders are designed with deep shoulder gussets for freedom of movement. The buckle front closure lets you tailor the fit for your horse, perfect for adjustability when you want to fit the compatible Shires WarmaRug rug liners underneath.

Highlander Original rugs are available from 5'0 - 7'3
Choose from standard neck & combo neck options

A durable, dependable range of rugs offering every variation you may need!

Straight-forward, essential and cost-effective. The Shires Tempest Original range has over 20 different rug styles available and are our most popular rug collection. A buckle front closure design and contour shaping ensure the rugs fit comfortably, with and without the compatible Shires WarmaRug liners.


Tempest Original rugs are available from 4'0 - 7'3
Choose from standard neck, detachable neck & combo neck options

Tough, durable protection with 1200D ripstop outer fabric.

For horses that are tougher on their turnout rugs, the Shires Tempest Plus is a dependable choice! The Shiretex® 1200 denier ripstop outer fabric will stand up to wear and tear. Tempest Plus rugs are available in 200g and 300g weight options for protection in cold weather.


Tempest Plus rugs are available from 4'0 - 7'3
Choose from standard neck & combo neck options

Keep rugging within budget with affordable Typhoon turnouts.

An economical option, the Shires Typhoon turnout rugs offer good protection without breaking the bank. Their design is based on the Tempest, featuring 840D outer fabric and taped seams. The simple blanket set chest fastenings are quick and easy to secure.

Typhoon rugs are available from 4'0 - 7'3
Choose from standard neck & combo neck options


Turnout Rugs

Shop turnout rugs including waterproof rugs, fly rugs and summer sheets for ultimate all-season protection.

Turnout rugs will offer your horse the best possible protection from wet, windy and cold weather while keeping him clean and warm. Turnout rugs are waterproof and are designed to be tougher than stable rugs to withstand daily wear. They are available in a variety of weights and neck designs, from standard neck lightweight turnout rugs for warm, showery days up to heavyweight combo neck rugs for the coldest and wettest of winter weather. Modern turnout rugs are made from breathable materials and technical fabrics; many horse owners will choose to keep their horse in a turnout rug in the stable as well as in the field.

Fly rugs and summer sheets are lightweight, breathable rugs for summer wear. They are designed to prevent your horse from being bitten and irritated by flies and insects whilst also protecting the skin and coat against UV rays. 

Find turnout rugs from your favourite brands in our selection, including Shires, Horseware and WeatherBeeta!