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  1. Nettex V.I.P.® Keep Kalm
    Nettex V.I.P.® Keep Kalm
    From Special Price £44.43 RRP Regular Price £49.37
  2. Nettex V.I.P.® Ulsa Shield
  3. Nettex V.I.P.® Hoof Builder
  4. Nettex V.I.P.® So Sound
  5. Nettex V.I.P.® In The Balance
  6. Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder
    Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder
    From Special Price £24.15 RRP Regular Price £26.83
  7. Nettex Calmer Syringe Paste Boost
    Nettex Calmer Syringe Paste Boost
    From Special Price £12.55 RRP Regular Price £13.95
  8. Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid
  9. Nettex Electrolyte Maintenance Powder
  10. Nettex Electrolyte Syringe Paste Boost
  11. Nettex Joint & Muscle Maintenance Powder
  12. Nettex Substi-Bute Impact Syringe
  13. Nettex Substi-Bute Maintenance Powder
  14. Nettex TASTYlyx
  15. Nettex SUPAlyx Horse & Pony Lick
    Nettex SUPAlyx Horse & Pony Lick
    From Special Price £13.44 RRP Regular Price £26.87
  16. Nettex Gut Balancer
  17. Nettex All Purpose Vits & Mins
  18. Nettex Biotin Everyday
  19. Nettex Iron, Copper & B Vits
  20. Nettex Air Power Respiratory Boost
  21. Nettex Seaweed
  22. Nettex Apple Cider Vinegar
  23. Nettex Carron Oil
  24. Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream
  25. Nettex Muddy Marvel De-Scab
  26. Nettex Muddy Marvel Disinfect
  27. Equilibrium Crunchits Christmas Cracker
  28. Newfields Haylage
  29. Global Herbs Turmeric Gold
  30. Premier Performance CZ Calming Cookies
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 238

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Horse Supplements

Having a balanced diet for your horse is very important, but sometimes your horse will require additional support in the form of equestrian supplements. There are many different types of horse supplements for all sorts of needs your horse may have.

Horses that are on good hay or pasture and are subjected to light work would usually not need any help at all, however if your horse is aging, reproducing or involved in heavy and intensive exercise they may require equine supplements. Online for Equine have created a great range of horse supplements from the best equine supplement brands, including: NAF, Maxavita and Equilibrium.

The joint supplements for horses on offer are perfect for maintaining and taking care of your horse's joints, this is important for every single horse. Horse calmers are perfect to give to horses that have an anxious or nervous temperament or horses that are easily agitated. There are a range of specialist support, including respiratory supplements and hoof supplements for horses of types and ages.

We also have a range of everyday supplements to keep your horse's health in great shape. To find out more about our range of horse supplements please feel free to browse each category or get in touch with a member of our sales team who will try to answer any questions you may have.