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Here in Britain, we understand unpredictable weather conditions and we know how important it is to stay dry in the wet winter.  Equicoat offer a range of revolutionary horse riding coats that go beyond expectations – waterproof robes designed to keep riders dry and comfortable in any wet weather.

Equicoat has redesigned the traditional horse riding coat with its cutting-edge technology and innovative design.  Whether it's a sudden downpour or the lingering, damp mist of an early morning ride, Equicoat's horse riding coat ensures that you stay dry and focused on the joy of riding. The waterproof technology is not only highly effective but also breathable, preventing that uncomfortable clammy feeling often associated with cheaper robes.  These robes have become a popular choice for all riders and yard hands due as they are incredibly waterproof, warm and easy to wear.

Equicoat's dry robe is a testament to the brand's dedication to rider comfort. Crafted with attention to detail, the dry robe not only repels water but also wicks away moisture from the body, keeping you warm and dry even in the most challenging conditions. The ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit, allowing for ease of movement without compromising on style.