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What's the Difference Between Riding Tights, Breeches & Jodhpurs?

Over the last few years, equestrian fashion has shifted. The introduction of sportswear-inspired riding tights to the market has given riders more choice, moving away from the more traditional look and feel of jodhpurs and breeches. But what’s the difference?


Traditionally, jodhpurs are full length riding trousers which are designed to be worn with short boots - either jodhpur boots or paddock boots. They are made from a comfy, slightly stretchy fabric with good coverage and normally fasten at the waist with a zip and button. The lower leg is normally too bulky to wear under long boots but some more modern designs now feature sock bottoms for a slimmer finish.

Jodhpurs are a popular choice for children and an essential for junior showing classes, paired with jodhpur boots. They are also an affordable legwear option for new riders, ideal for beginner riding lessons or for the occasional rider.


Similar in appearance and fabric to jodhpurs, the main difference of breeches is the shorter leg length, finishing above the ankle with a contoured fit around the leg. Modern designs typically have a soft, elasticated sock bottom or Velcro fastening closure, ideal for wearing comfortably beneath long boots or short boots and chaps. Choose from full seat (an alternative fabric or silicone grip over the inner area that comes into contact with the saddle) or knee grip options for improved stability in the saddle. Breeches are worn by both men and women, with a vast amount of styles and options available to suit all budgets.

The supportive, slightly stretchy fabric of breeches is flattering and gives good coverage. High waisted styles are a popular choice with riders, promoting improved posture and sitting comfortably without slipping down. We find that breeches are a popular choice with professionals or riders with multiple horses due to their durability and neat, elegant look. They are also an essential for competing - breeches look smarter and more formal for dressage and show jumping. With such a vast amount to choose from, you can find the style which best suits your shape and body type to compliment your appearance and to give the best turnout for shows and competitions.

Season-specific breeches can make riding more comfortable in adverse weather. Lightweight breeches are the perfect option for summer, made from thinner, breathable fabric to keep you cool. Winter breeches can be fleece lined and/or water repellent - essentials for comfort, especially if you don’t have the luxury of an indoor school!

Riding Tights

A fashionable and on-trend choice, riding tights are typically made from a thinner, stretchier and more breathable fabric than your typical jodhpurs and breeches. They are based on functional sports legwear, such as gym leggings, and as a result are comfier, less restrictive and give you a close feel with the horse. They are ‘pull on’ and normally designed with a deep, soft waistband for a comfy and secure fit.

Technical fabrics used in the design of riding tights mean that they are lightweight and quick-drying, ideal for wear during hot weather to keep you cool and wick away any perspiration. They give the look of general activewear and are versatile, great to wear both on and off the horse! This makes them ideal for riders with busy lifestyles as they’re super quick to pull on after work or to wear on the school run, to the gym or walking the dog!

For the winter months, look for riding tights with fleece lining - they are a very popular choice for keeping you cosy and comfortable through cold weather!

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