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ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle - Benefits & Fitting Guide

Maintaining a healthy weight for horses is crucial, especially when they have access to abundant grazing. Here in the UK, we find most of our grazing has been designed for cattle production and can lead to excessive weight gain, laminitis, insulin resistance, to name a few health issues. To address these concerns, horse owners are turning to innovative solutions like the ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle.

Benefits of the ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle:

Weight Management: Equine obesity is a significant concern, contributing to various health problems such as laminitis, metabolic disorders, and joint issues. The ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle helps address these concerns by limiting grass intake, allowing horses to graze without overindulging. The muzzle's design provides a controlled feeding experience, aiding in weight management and preventing excessive calorie intake.

Regulated Forage Intake: The ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle allows horses to continue enjoying the benefits of grazing, including improved digestion and mental stimulation, while still limiting their forage intake. This helps maintain a healthy balance in their diet, as horses naturally require forage for optimal gut function. By regulating the amount of grass they consume, the muzzle ensures that horses receive an appropriate level of nutrition without compromising their overall well-being.

Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity: Insulin resistance is a growing concern among horses, especially those prone to metabolic disorders such as equine metabolic syndrome. By controlling grass consumption, the ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle can contribute to improved insulin sensitivity. Restricted grazing helps manage glucose levels, reducing the risk of metabolic issues and promoting overall metabolic health.

Dental Wear Reduction: The ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle has been shown to reduce the risk of damage to your horse's teeth when tested against market competitors thanks to its thin,, flexible design.

Fitting the ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle Correctly:

To ensure a proper fit and secure attachment of the ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle, follow these steps:

We recommend dedicating a well-fitting breakaway turnout headcollar specifically for use with the ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle. Thinline do offer a breakaway headcollar which can be used in conjunction with your muzzle.

Discovering the Best Fit: Use the enclosed paper ties or a string to determine the best holes to secure the muzzle to the halter. The paper ties are temporary and allow for easy adjustments during the fitting process.

Attaching the Muzzle: Two of the "fins" on the muzzle have a triangle cutout. Attach these fins to the square (side) rings on your turnout halter. Three fins will connect to the noseband, with one in the center and the other two naturally falling to the sides. Three fins will also attach to the chin band, with one in the center and the other two naturally to the sides.

Secure the Triangle Cutout Fins: Begin by securing each triangle cutout fin with one of the enclosed low-profile cable ties. Avoid wrapping the fins around the halter, as it may cause rubbing or discomfort.

Proper Positioning: When properly installed, the muzzle should be positioned close to but not touching the horse's nose. If the muzzle is touching the nose, lengthen the fins under the chin slightly. This adjustment will lift the muzzle away from the nose.

Finalizing the Attachment: Once you are satisfied with the correct hole alignment on the halter, remove the paper ties or string and permanently secure the muzzle using the included cable ties.

Trimming Excess Fin Material: After finding the best fit for your horse, trim the excess fin material just above the top hole being used. It is advisable to wait a day or two to ensure the muzzle is at a comfortable distance from your horse's mouth before trimming. Trim the excess cable tie material close to the muzzle, with the "keeper" (locking mechanism) on the outside and the excess facing down.

Checking Fit and Adjustments: If the muzzle is fitted correctly and the size is appropriate, it should work effectively. If you find there is too much grazing room, ensure that the fins are securely attached to the halter. The fins should not move along the noseband. If they do, simply tighten the cable tie to secure them in place.

By following these fitting instructions, you can ensure that your ThinLine Flexi Grazing Muzzle is properly attached to the headcollar and provides a comfortable yet effective restriction of grazing for your horse.


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