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NAF Magic Calmer - for cool concentration

Cool, calm and collected

With the competition season now in full swing, it's important for our horses to feel confident and calm to be able to perform at their best. Buzzy competition venues, rider anxiety and travelling all contribute to a horse showing excitable behaviour and it can be exacerbated after the winter, especially if your horse has had a break. We can support our horse in a number of ways, including gentle exposure/re-exposure to competition environments, fibre-focused nutrition and with the introduction of a calming supplement where needed.

We've taken a look into why NAF Magic Calmer has been at the top of the supplement market for so long and whether it could help you and your horse this competition season.

Shop NAF Five Star Magic Calmer - Online for EquineShop NAF Five Star Magic Calmer - Online for Equine

About NAF Five Star Magic Calmer

NAF Magic contains a unique combination of herbs and bio-available magnesium which has been trialed and proven to help maintain calm behaviour while supporting concentration and learning. This formulation has been shown to give repeatable, reliable results in reactive and excitable horses. Magnesium is an essential nutrient to the horse's well-being with many functions within the body. Among these roles, magnesium aids the regulation of nervous tension and relaxation of the muscle tissue.

The ingredients in Magic Calmer complies with FEI rules and is legal for use in competition horses, under the Clean Sport program (March 2022).

Magic is available in either powder or liquid form for daily use, designed to be fed at a higher initial "loading rate" for 7-10 days before dropping down to a "maintenance rate" (more information on feeding is available on the back of your container).

Feed NAF Magic Calmer where regular excitable, unpredictable or reactive behaviour is impeding your horse's training or performance, or where there is a magnesium deficiency due to the diet. It can also be beneficial if your horse is traveling regularly or is moving home, helping to deal with stress.

NAF Instant Magic Syringes

For horses that only require a calmer on an immediate, short-term basis, NAF have formulated Instant Magic syringes. These syringes are quick and easy to administer, easily transported and reliable. Fast-acting, Instant Magic is used during specific situations that could potentially cause severe stress for the horse such as competitions, clipping, traveling or a visit from the vet or farrier. It can be used alongside NAF Magic Calmer to "top-up" as necessary.

Does my horse need a calmer?

It's important to rule out any other issues rather than jump straight to a calming supplement - calmers will only be effective if your horse is being correctly managed in other areas. Pain, anxiety and diet can all cause stressy, reactive or excitable behaviour, so we recommend you look at assessing and rectifying any issues prior to trialing NAF Magic. Look at:

Eliminating any physical or pain-related issues such as ill-fitting tack, injury or ridden discomfort Reviewing the horse's diet to ensure correct feeding for type, condition and workload Consider the effect that spring grass may have on your horse and act accordingly Look at how your horse is managed - long periods of stabling or new routines can cause anxious behaviour

Magnesium deficiency may be a culprit for the behaviour if all other potential causes have been ruled out, and if so Magic will help. Typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency include a lack of ability to relax, showing vices (e.g. weaving or pacing), a history of tying up/tight and sore muscles, hypersensitive to touch and difficulty focusing during work.

Give your horse the best chance to show calm, relaxed behaviour for a cool, focused performance this competition season. Shop NAF Five Star Magic Calmer here.

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