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O4E Review: NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer

See what we thought about NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer in our trial in November and December 2019...

O4E Review: NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer - What We Thought

We put the NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer to the test to see if it made a difference for one of our horses. We decided to trial the convenient 3.7KG bag which can be stored easily and has a carry handle for ease!

Trial Length: 2 month trial - November and December 2019About the horse: The horse undertaking the trial is six years old and was in light work due to the time of year. Through October he was showing uncharacteristically poor coat condition as well as lacking energy in work compared to normal, despite routine and feed rations being the same. Otherwise the horse was fit, healthy and well. We were also looking to maintain the body condition he was carrying through the winter without filling him full of feed; while the trial took place his routine changed to being stabled for most of the time with limited turnout so we didn't want to be offering excess energy. This horse does have a history of presenting lose droppings with change, so we wanted to prevent this too.

What we thought: We added 100g per day to his feed from early November. Within one week there was a noticeable difference in his behaviour and energy levels – he felt a lot more enthusiastic for work, without any fizziness. He was also a lot more alert in the stable than seen over the previous couple of weeks. Within two weeks, the condition of his coat had hugely improved and it was glossy and silky with minimal grooming.

By the end of the two months trial the horse was looking in incredible condition. He was also carrying much less weight than he has at the same time in previous years where he has been fed different balancers - we were impressed with how little needed to be fed daily for such great results. Compared to previous balancers used, the results were clear to see and happened quickly! His droppings have been consistently healthy and firm, even throughout routine changes as the winter weather set in.

Our review: Overall, we were impressed with the difference in this horse which we could only put down to the Optimum balancer, especially during a more difficult time of year. Both the product's design and the results in the horse's condition and behaviour proved impressive:

The horse looked healthier in condition, energy levels and outlook within a week We were impressed with how little needed to be fed when compared to other balancers - the vitamin and mineral content is highly concentrated, so you're not filling your horse with unecessary calories to meet the nutritional recommendation Despite changes in routine due to winter weather, the horse's droppings remained settled. In the past this horse has presented loose droppings at even slight changes to routine The bag is convenient to store and carry; it's also resealable to keep the contents dry and fresh. The handy scoop makes it simple and quick to measure out the balancer.

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