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NAF Oestress - hormonal support for mares

For every mare, for every season

Is your mare showing some challenging behaviour?Owning a mare can be so difficult but so rewarding. For a lot of mares, careful management is important in their day-to-day lives, particularly if she is expected to perform. It's important to remember that mares are "entire" animals, so having consideration for their hormone cycles and the challenges it brings can help mare ownership to become a more harmonious experience. Supporting and balancing these hormones through correct and targeted nutrition will help our mares to stay focused and comfortable.

We've paired up with NAF to find out how Oestress can help your mare.

Sweet-natured and loving one day, ears pinned back and teeth bared the next? If this sounds familiar then NAF Oestress could be a life-saver for both you and your mare.

Typically, mares' seasons run from March through to October, perfectly matching up with the traditional competition season and when we want to spend more time outdoors enjoying our horses. Their seasons are stimulated by longer daylight hours, so it feels like we step out of the misery of freezing, wet and dull winter days into the whirlwind of frustration that spring excitement and mood swings bring. Oestress has been developed to help with all aspects of the mare's seasons, helping with outward behaviour, tension, comfort and ridden performance.

NAF Five Star Oestress is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that work together to improve the balance, focus and comfort of your mare. It can be fed in either a powder or liquid form for your convenience and is suitable to feed all year round if necessary.

Oestress contains extracts of herbal ingredients which have been used for hundreds of years to support hormone balance and encourage regularity of the natural cycle for more stable behaviour. Monk's Pepper (or "Chasteberry") is included for calm focus - historically it's been used as a natural remedy for reproductive health issues such as PMS. Rich in natural antioxidants, magnesium and targeted herbs including Crampbark (used to ease cramps and muscle spasms) help to improve overall comfort and support a healthy system. Your mare's ovaries sit just behind and down from the saddle, so easing any discomfort in that area will improve your mare's performance and happiness in her work. It's important to bare in mind that any discomfort or pain in this area can affect her ability to stride out, lengthen over her back or jump.

Combining NAF Oestress with careful daily management can really help to regulate her behaviour and make your life easier! Kate Hore, NAF's Head Nutritionist recommends considering the following points when managing your mare:

Maintain a stable herd of companions - changes to the herd can alter a mare's status, which will affect her behaviour Choose a high fibre/low concentrate diet that avoids starchy cereals which can exacerbate unwanted behaviour Monitor your mare's weight, maintaining a healthy Body Condition Score as much as possible - if your mare is carrying excess weight it can extend her season

If you think Oestress could help improve the comfort and behaviour of your mare, click here to give it a try.

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