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NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer

Don't just survive this winter - THRIVE with NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer! Read on to find out more about the optimum balancer for optimal results.

Don't Just Survive This Winter - Thrive With NAF Optimum Balancer

There’s a reason why NAF have named this feed balancer “Five Star”. This concentrated feed balancer works to optimise every horse’s daily diet, coming in a palatable, great-tasting and smelling pellet form which is easy to feed and appetising even to the fussiest of feeders. As this feed balancer is so concentrated, only a small amount needs to be added to each meal to fully support your horse’s nutritional requirements. Shop NAF Optimum Feed Balancer here.

Will my horse benefit from NAF Optimum Feed Balancer?

NAF Optimum Five Star Feed Balancer is the perfect solution for improving the diet of every horse or pony, from the retired family pony to the high-performance athlete. This means you can use the same balancer for a mixed yard of horses, rather than swapping and changing depending on individual requirements. This feed balancer is formulated to complement either a high fibre, low concentrate diet or a carefully planned performance diet, optimising the nutritional value of every daily feed ration. When a daily feed ration is not necessary (for example, a native breed in light/no work), NAF Optimum Feed Balancer can simply be fed on its own.

How does NAF Optimum work?

Each concentrated pellet of Optimum Feed Balancer contains key ingredients to fully support your horse’s nutritional needs. These ingredients are designed to optimise gut function, getting the most out of the nutritional quality of your horse’s feed to promote top condition. This is combined with optimum nutritional supplement specification which works to perfectly balance either a high fibre, low concentrate diet or a performance diet.

Does NAF Optimum Feed Balancer offer value for money?

A 3.7kg bag of NAF Optimum gives a 5 week/37 day supply when fed to a 16hh horse weighing approximately 600kg, at a feeding rate of 100g per day whether on a leisure or competition diet. If feeding your horse twice per day, this equates to 74 feeds at £0.40 per meal (the 3.7kg bag retails at £29.99). The small bag is convenient to store, and the scoop supplied helps you to perfectly measure the daily quantity.

We compared firstly to a low calorie balancer which is purchased in a 20kg sack at £28. Feeding rates recommended 600g per day for a 600kg horse, meaning that the 20kg bag would last for 33 days/66 feeds. This equated to £0.85 per day/ £0.42 per meal, so costing only very slightly more than the NAF Optimum, but the bag didn’t last quite as long.

However, if you are feeding a performance horse or a poor-doer, the low calorie balancer may not be enough. We compared to a performance balancer from the same brand which is again sold in 20kg sacks, retailing at £30. The daily feed recommendation for a 600kg horse in light – moderate work was 600kg, meaning the 20kg bag lasted for 30 days/60 feeds, with a cost per day of £1/cost per feed of £0.50. If feeding a horse in hard work the ration is upped to 900g per day, resulting in the bag lasting for 22 days and a cost per day of £1.50/cost per feed of £0.75.

We put NAF Optimum to the test - see what we thought here!

For bigger yards, NAF offer a 9KG and 18KG tub for further improved value for money. Shop NAF Optimum Five Star Feed Balancer here and gain NAF Reward Points on all purchases over £25!


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