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Lets Talk About Liners

...Rug liners!

Rug liners have been a relatively recent innovation over the past few years and are a popular solution to rugging headaches we all have during changeable British weather! Most rug manufacturers have developed their own liner solutions for compatibility with their turnout and stable rugs, with a variety of weights to add to your horse’s wardrobe.

Why Should I Invest In Rug Liners?

When the temperature and weather varies so greatly through the autumn, winter and spring seasons (especially in the UK!) we are constantly changing rugs to keep our horses warm and dry. This means we either need a lot of different weights of rug available to keep swapping into, or layer rugs on top of each other. Buying multiple rugs in varying weights can get very expensive, whilst layering may not be very comfortable for your horse, particularly if they are bulky, fit small over other rugs or the layers slip.

The benefit of rug liners is that they are easier to use and ultimately more comfortable for your horse to wear. They are specifically designed to sit comfortably and securely beneath the compatible outer rug without slipping or moving around. Technical fill and quilting creates a liner which is lightweight yet effective at keeping your horse insulated and warm. They won’t alter or affect the fit or function of your outer rug - instead they are comfortable and allow for freedom of movement.

Rug liner benefits:

Quick and easy to attach to your compatible outer rug Time and space saving Stays secure - unlikely to slip or move around More comfortable for your horse - not bulky, won’t move and allow for freedom of movement Won’t affect the fit of your outer rug Cost-effective option, rather than buying multiple weights of turnout rug Contain lightweight, technical fill for effective insulation without a bulky or heavy feel


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