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How to measure for your Petrie Riding Boots...

When it comes to buying your new Petrie boots, it can be somewhat daunting knowing which leg size you will require. Petrie offer a wide range of sizes to suit all statures and by using the following sizing table, you can easily gauge which size you require. Simply find your UK or European foot size in the left hand column and then follow the row across until you find the correct height and calf width that you require.

The first number in each cell (43/35) represents the height of the boot in centimeters i.e. how tall the boot is from the floor so it is important to get this right to avoid pinching at the back of the knee; do keep in mind that you will get a slight drop in your boots if you opt for a boot which does not have a hard outer. This measurement is taken by measuring from the outside of the leg from the ground to the splint bone knob (that little bone which sticks out at the side of your knee); confirm this measurement by taking a second measurement from the floor to the back of the knee when standing. These two measurements should be the same if they have been taken accurately. Please use the right hand image as a guide to taking the second measurement.


The second number in each cell (43/35) represents the calf width of the boot in centimeters. This measurement should be taken when you are sitting down, your legs parallel, with your feet relaxed at right angles. You must take the measurement at the point where you calf is widest; it is important not to pull the tape measure too tight when taking this measurement. Please use the image to the left as a guide. Do keep in mind that when taking this measurement, you ideally want to be at your normal level of riding fitness when your muscle definition is normal for your discipline.


For dressage competitors, we thoroughly recommend the Petrie Elegance Dressage boot in either nubuck or patent leather finish. For event riders, we find the Coventry is incredibly popular as it is smart enough for wear in the showjumping and dressage ring as well as being comfortable enough for wear on the challenging cross country tracks. For the serious showjumper, why not take a look at the Petrie Sportive which can be made bespoke to your exact colour requirements?

If you need any further assistance when it comes to selecting your perfect Petrie boot, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01785-472221.

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