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HOT HOT HOT; The Importance of Feeding Electrolytes

Like any athlete in any sport, they know the importance of electrolytes and keeping hydrated after exercise, this is also important for horses but it is up to us horse owners to make sure this is met. Electrolytes are minerals dissolved in the blood and the tissues of the body. They help to preserve the correct balance of fluids in the body’s cells and they are also involved in muscle function and the processing of wastes. A deficiency in electrolytes can lead to dehydration and impaired performance and may lead to clinical problems such as Azoturia. Electrolytes are lost daily through sweating, urine and faeces. During exercise the horse relies on sweating to control body temperature and electrolyte losses are considerable during hot weather. Signs of electrolyte deficiency include a dull coat, depression, listlessness, dark urine, sunken eyes and poor performance.

Electrolytes can be provided into the horse’s diet. Simply by adding them to the horses daily feed or in their water. Adding electrolytes to a horse’s water will form an isotonic solution, which is a solution that contains the same electrolyte concentration as that of the body fluids, this will ensure that both electrolyte and fluid losses are restored and the horse becomes rehydrated quickly. If your horse is a poor drinker or dislikes the taste of the isotonic solution, then the electrolytes can either be just added to the horses feed or there is Electrolyte pastes available on the market which are administered into the horse’s mouth. Another alternative is flavouring the horse’s water with some apple squash; this will mask any unfamiliar or unpleasant tastes and encourage the horse to drink.


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