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Horseware Ice-Vibe Therapy Boots - the Ultimate Therapy Boot

ICE-VIBE boots from Horseware are the ultimate in therapy boots, offering a versatile, three-in-one boot for aiding recovery and healing through cold, heat and massage. We've taken a look at these extensively researched therapy boots to find out how they could help your horse.

Horseware ICE-VIBE Therapy Boots

ICE-VIBE boots from Horseware are the ultimate in therapy boots, offering a versatile, three-in-one boot for aiding recovery and healing. These extensively researched boots are portable and rechargeable, which makes them ideal for use both at home and competitions. They can be worn while stood on the yard, while stabled and in the field. The ICE-VIBE boots can be used before or after exercise, or for rehabilitation following injury.

The ICE-VIBE come with hot/cold inserts as well as massaging the leg, creating warm or cold circulation treatments, helping to either stimulate or reduce blood flow depending on the situation.

Even if your horse doesn’t have any problems with their legs, tendon problems or injuries can often be the result of a build up of damage over time. Tendons take a much longer time to heal than muscles due to their poor blood supply and slow metabolism – using the ICE-VIBE boots regularly will help stimulate blood flow to the horse’s tendons, helping to reduce the amount of daily wear and tear and stimulate healing.

The blood flow in the tendons is stimulated by the small, vibratory motors in massage panels, which are inserted into the boot. These motors work intermittently, so that when treating sore areas, the damaged tissue will not get overworked or tired. Further to this, when an area is healing it will form scar tissue, but massage therapy has been proven to break down adhesions and scar tissue in order to assist improved healing.

Combining the massage therapy with cold packs is useful for slowing down inflammation, which is ideal for caring for your horse’s legs after fast/strenuous work, cross country or jumping. The cold packs help to reduce the blood flow to the leg, which will slow down inflammation, while the massage therapy helps to stimulate the lymph system to help move out existing inflammation. Using ICE-VIBE boots rather than ice slows down – but doesn’t completely restrict – the blood flow which, when combined with massage, allows the oxygen supply to be maintained to tired or damaged tissue, promoting better recovery.

Using the gel packs warm (heat the packs in warm water) and applying them with the massage setting is beneficial either before exercise or on older horses/arthritic horses – the warmth and massaging effect will ease any stiffness in the horse’s legs.

Using just the massage setting alone before exercise will help to prepare the tendons for work, with the vibration effect working to stimulate blood flow. This increased blood flow will make the tendons and ligaments more elastic which can help to prevent them being damaged during exercise.

These fantastic versatile therapy boots will help you to offer your horse the best preperation, care and recovery for every exercise session. Prevent damage, injury and wear-and-tear with Horseware ICE-VIBE.

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