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Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense; is it worth upgrading from my Equilibrium Massage Pad for HeatSense?

With the launch of the revolutionary Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense, we have been asked from customers whether it is worth upgrading from their current Equilibrium Massage Pad?

As horse owners and riders, we have become ever more aware of the benefits of massage therapy for our horses. The Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense is a revolutionary new product with a range of improved features that take your horses' massage experience to the next level. Let's discuss the benefits of upgrading to the Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense from your standard Equilibrium Massage Pad.

We need to start by saying how much we love our current Equilibrium Massage Pad; we have used the massage therapy pad for years but after seeing the Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense, we think we will be upgrading!

The main difference between the Equilibrium Massage Pad and the new Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense is as the name suggests, the addition of HeatSense technology.

The Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense is the only massage therapy product on the market that combines heat with massage for the ultimate benefit of muscles and tissues. The Equilibrium Massage Pad provides a comprehensive massage experience that is renowned in the equine therapy market for improving freedom of movement and flexibility as well as reducing musculoskeletal pain, all of which help our horses feel and perform better; the Heatsense utilises the exact same massage technology and combines this proven and tested massage therapy with targeted, adjustable heat technology, scientifically proven to aid muscle and tissue recovery.

The revolutionary heat therapy feature of the Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense ensures that heat is delivered between 40-45 degrees Celsius and is maintained for 15 minutes in accordance with the latest scientific studies for improved muscle therapy; the pad also features sensors to monitor the heat deliverance to ensure that temperatures are never exceeded and only tissues requiring the addition of heat receive it. This is incredibly targeted therapy and ensures that muscle groups can be targeted on an individual basis for optimum recovery and function.

Many traditional human therapies utilize heat for optimum muscle health and recovery and Equilibrium have worked tirelessly with leading scientists to ensure the new Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense is scientifically robust in the treatment it provides.

Upgrading to the Equilibrium Massage Pad HeatSense from the standard massage pad delivers a more wholesome, individually tailored massage experience for your horse combining the benefits of heat and massage symbiotically to deliver the ultimate therapeutic experience for your horse.


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