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Choosing the Right Show Jacket - with Equetech

When competing, overall appearance and attention-to-detail can make the difference between first and second place, or not being placed at all! We've collaborated with Equetech to help you choose the right show jacket for a flattering look and day-long comfort!

Choosing the Right Show Jacket

When competing, overall appearance and attention-to-detail can make the difference between first and second place, or not being placed at all, particularly in showing and dressage. A smart turnout of both horse and rider shows professionalism, dedication and respect to both the judge and discipline. Choosing a smart, correct and well-fitting jacket will complete your look and is a worthwhile investment for both the regular and occasional competitor.

Firstly, it’s essential to check the rules of the discipline in which you’re competing to ensure you choose the correct colour and cut of jacket. Also check against which level you’re competing at – dress between the lower/upper levels or for championships can differ.

It’s also a good idea to choose a jacket colour that flatters both you and your horse:

Brown tweeds suit chestnut and bay horses Green tweeds best compliment grey, black or coloured (piebald or skewbald) horses Black jackets can look harsh on pale skin; navy is softer and more forgiving

Regardless of the discipline you’re competing in though, it’s essential that you are comfortable, whether riding or leading. Freedom of movement and comfort is key. New fabrics can help to keep you cooler during summer competitions as opposed to more traditional fabrics that can be heavier and less breathable.

When investing in a show jacket, choose one which is cut to flatter your shape in order to give you a nice, overall picture – squeezing into a jacket that is too small, or wearing a jacket that is too big and baggy for your shape will spoil your overall look and is likely to be uncomfortable. Choose a jacket which skims your curves and fits you well over the back, shoulders and arms for the best look.

Different cuts of jacket will suit different body shapes:

Straight body shape – a jacket that is cut in at the waist will help to enhance and define your figure, giving a more flattering look Pear shapes – try to avoid shorter-cut jackets, instead having a hemline that finishes low at the hips Apple shapes – jackets with a smaller overcheck or plainer styles of tweed will give you a slimmer outline Bigger busted/inverted triangle shapes – find a jacket with a good waistline to balance your shape and to stop you from looking square

Equetech have developed their range of show jackets to offer a selection to compliment various body shapes. Their tweed and plain show jackets are available up to a UK size 24/48”, with certain styles offering UK size 26/50”, ensuring there is a show jacket to comfortably fit everyone. Clever seams, pocket and button placements ensure these jackets will flatter all figures. Equetech jackets are also Teflon coated, protecting your jacket from the rain and making it shower-proof – ideal for British summers!

Equetech’s full size guides and complimenting range of breeches, show shirts, stocks/ties and accessories will help to complete your competition outfit.

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