NAF Five Star Laminaze

Keeping a spring in their step

NAF Five Star Laminaze has been formulated to give additional support to horses and ponies which are on restricted grass intake, helping them to remain fit and healthy. It contains a unique blend of over 40 ingredients, focusing on complete health of the horse but in particular:

  • Bio-available sulphur (MSM) to support healthy hoof growth and strong sulphur bonds within the laminae
  • Prebiotics and live probiotics to stabilise and promote a healthy gut environment
  • Naturally sourced anti-oxidants to support the liver

During spring and autumn flushes of grass growth the correct management of equines - particularly horses and ponies which may be prone to laminitis or weight gain - becomes essential to their health and welfare. These flushes of grass tend to be high in sugar which leads to weight gain and increases the risk of laminitis.

Restricting their grass intake is an important way to manage this. Whether you prefer to strip graze, use a grazing muzzle, or stable your horse for longer periods of time, cutting down the amount of grass your horse is eating will also restrict its intake of nutrients. It’s important for the horse to receive the correct amount and type of nutrients to support its health, particularly if it is compromised by the sugars in the grass.

NAF Laminaze has been scientifically formulated to give the horse the correct support during these periods when grazing is restricted.

During episodes of laminitis oxidative damage is noted within the laminae – oxidative damage is part of any systemic inflammatory response. Therefore, it’s advised to supplement any laminitis prone horse with high levels of anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants in NAF Laminaze are all naturally sourced.

Bio-available sulphur (MSM) is sulphur in its organic form which is easily absorbed by the body. MSM is an essential nutrient for the health of soft tissue and therefore helps to ensure strong sulphur bonds within the laminae of the hoof while supporting healthy hoof growth.

Pre- and pro-biotics
As laminitis can be caused by metabolic conditions such as equine Cushing’s disease or equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), support of gut health is an important factor in Laminaze. Probiotic yeasts working with prebiotics are recommended to help to maintain a healthy gut environment.

Planning and supporting your horse with the right diet combined with correct management will help to keep the laminitis-prone or the at risk horse fit, healthy and sound throughout the year.

Read more about laminitis management and prevention here.

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