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  1. Carrimore 4-Wheel Trolley
  2. Carrimore Twin Wheelbarrow
  3. Carrimore Hi-Capacity Barrow
  4. Carrimore Stable Barrow
  5. Carrimore Metal Wheelbarrow
  6. Carrimore Dual Wheel Barrow
  7. Carrimore Sack Truck
  8. Carrimore Super Barrow
  9. Carrimore Economy Wheelbarrow
  10. Stable Kit Lightweight Folding Wheel Barrow
    Stable Kit Lightweight Folding Wheel Barrow
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Grid List

10 Items

Set Descending Direction
A wheelbarrow is an essential piece of mucking out equipment for anyone with a horse. Wheelbarrows make light work of mucking out stables and are ideal for wheeling around a field when you are poo picking. Online for Equine offer large capacity wheelbarrows for horse owners with several stables to muck out or for those owners that have a field of three or more horses to poo pick. We also offer lightweight plastic wheelbarrows from Classic Showjumps with non-puncture tyres which are incredibly durable and ideal for daily use, they are large enough to carry around two bales of shavings! We also offer smaller wheelbarrows from Stubbs England which are ideal if you have just one horse to muck out and care for.