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99 products

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  1. Stubbs Corner Manger Frame

    The Stubbs Corner Manger Frame is made from a tubular frame complete with pre-made fixing holes to make fitting easier. This corner manger frame is designed to be used in conjunction with the Stubbs Corner Manger or alternative corner bucket and fits snugly into the corner of the stable. Ideal for use in a smaller stable where space is limited and can be positioned at any height to suit your horse or pony.

    Weight: 1.12kg

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  2. Likit Hot Pink Pliers

    Online for Equine astock the Likit Long NosePliers.

    These pliers are for removing Likits from Boredom Busters or Tongue Twister stable toys, saving your fingers!

    Supplied in hot pink.

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  3. Barrier Animal Healthcare Citronella Fresh Deoderising Spray with Lavender Oil

    Online for Equine offer the Barrier Animal Healthcare Citronella Fresh Deoderiser Spray with Lavender Oil.

    100% natural super concentrated deoderiser spray, totally safe for the environment, the user and animals. The pleasant aromas of citronella and lavender work instantly.

    Helps to stop horses from eating bedding, eliminates cat spraying odours and combats 'wet dog' smells.

    Available in 500ml.

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  4. H2Go Water Carrier

    The H2Go Water Carrier is an easier way to fill water buckets instead of carrying buckets or containers from the yard to the field! This H2Go Water Carrier fits inside a wheelbarrow and allows you to transport up to 80 litres of water easily. It's designed with a fitted spout which makes the water easy to pour, with an attached cap to avoid spillages.

    Includes a non-slip mat which sits under the bag inside the wheelbarrow. 

    Capacity: 80ltrs

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  5. Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook

    Online for Equine offer the Perry Equestrian Three Prong Tack Hook.

    Featuring three prongs and a loop to enable you to hang the hook. Ideal for hanging and storing bridles when space is limited, also ideal for travelling tack and for use when cleaning saddlery.

    Available in a range of bright, bold colours.

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  6. Mark Todd Large Stable Door Drape

    RRP £59.98

    From: £45.20

    The Mark Todd Stable Door Drapes are made to simply hang from the top of a door way, closing the area off without sealing it up completely, The drapes are great at competitions and at large livery yards where they can help to keep bright sunlight or cold air out, while also shutting the stable off slightly while still letting a cooling breeze inside during any warmer days.

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  7. Barrier Animal Healthcare Barrier H

    Online for Equine offer the Barrier Animal Healthcare Barrier H.

    Environmentally friendly agricultural herbicide that destroys ragwort in record time. Not affected by frost and designed to use all year round.

    Ready to use spot spray with applicator gun.

    Keep animals off treated areas for 2 weeks or until the plant is completley dead and debris removed. Always read the label and use pesticides carefully.

    Available in 5ltr.

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  8. NAF Crib Stop

    NAF Crib Stop is an unpleasant tasting water repellent coating to discourage your horse from biting wood and other hard surfaces, available in a handy spray bottle.

    Available in 500ml.

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  9. Gold Label Stop Chew Liquid

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Stop Chew Liquid.

    Anti-crib formula containing bitter substances with an added ingredient that causes a tingling sensation that horses dislike to discourage chewing or cribbing.

    Can be applied to all surfaces including stables, fences and rugs. Non staining.

    Available in 500ml.

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  10. Gold Label Stable Fresh

    RRP £9.36

    From: £5.76

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Stable Fresh.

    A pleasant pine disinfectant for general use around the yard. Also deters horses from eating bedding,

    Available in 2ltr or 5ltr.

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  11. Little Likits
    From: £1.99

    Little Likits are 250g tubs designed for use with the Boredom Breaker, Boredom Buster and Tongue Twister to keep your horse occupied in the stable. This treat can be used with stable toys to improve the horses environment to help reduce stressful situations and make the stable a more interesting place to be.

    Little Likits are free from artificial flavourings or colourings, a great treat for your horse or pony. Little Likits are available in a wide choice of flavours which yourhorse or pony will love!

    Little Likits are available in either a single 250g size or a 5 x 250g multipack.



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  12. Le Mieux Wash Bag

    RRP £8.50

    From: £8.07

    The Le Mieux Wash Bag is ideal for all things equine. This wash bag ensures your washing machine stays clean and hair free while thoroughly cleaning your horse wear and equipment.

    The small size bag is ideal for items such as boots, girth covers, fly hoods, bandages etc.

    The large size wash bag is great for washing your saddle pads and bigger items.

    Available in small or large sizes.

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  13. Idolo Tether Ties

    RRP £17.94

    From: £15.95

    Idolo Tether Ties are a unique knotless tying system which is a safer and more environmentally friendly option to using baling twine. Designed and made in the UK, this high grade industrial nylon tie uses pressure and release to train horses to stand tied up. There is a choice of two pressures - light pressure or harder pressure which can be achieved by just turning the tether tie around - and this tether tie can be used with almost any rope. This lightweight (just 38 grams), strong, durable and rustproof tool is a valuable addition to your everyday kit. Idolo Tether Ties come with a double ended clip included for attaching to any ring or tie up point. 

    Idolo Tether Ties help to prevent serious neck, poll and back injuries which can be caused by the horse pulling back when tied up. This provides a safer environment for your horse and a positive training experience through pressure/release. It will also reduce headcollar breakages.

    Available in black or assorted colours; one size.

    Safety tip - badly knotted ropes should not be used as they will restrict the pressure/release aspect of this tether tie.

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  14. Classic Showjumps Tack & Blanket Storage Box (200Ltr Capacity)

    This rug and tack box from Classic Showjumps is perfect for storing equestrian items whether in the tack room or out in a field. These boxes are vermin proof and are lockable so they are also ideal for the storage of horse feed. The durable and weatherproof outer makes this tack locker ideal for use outdoors and ensures the colour will not fade in the sun. This tack & blanket storage box has a 200 litre capacity and is lockable for security.

    Dimensions are 720mm wide x 750mm deep x 710mm high.

    Height: 71.0cm Weight: 13.0kg

    Available in a range of colours.

    Manufactured from polyethylene here in the UK, Classic Showjumps products are a firm favourite and will not crack or discolour. The price of this tack & blanket box includes delivery and sales are subject to stock levels with the manufacturer; this price is per individual standard mounting block. 

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  15. Stubbs Anti-Weave Grill

    RRP £85.84

    From: £77.26

    The Stubbs Anti-Weaver Grill is a heavy duty grill designed to prevent stable vices.

    This anti-weave grill is designed to fit on the top of the stable door and features a traditional V shaped cut out to prevent weaving; infill panel available separately. The door fixing sockets allow for easy erection of the anti-weave grill which slots in effortlessly.

    When fitted correctly to your stable, this anti-weave grille will prevent your horse from weaving from side to side, helping to reduce lower leg concussion. Please note some horses may step back and weave in the stable even when an anti-weave grille is fitted.  The Stubbs Anti-Weaver Grille is constructed of strong tube, 12mm rod and flat steel which is hot dip galvanised making this a more heavy duty anti-weave grill.

    Three sizes available to suit various door sizes.

    Small - 89cm x 61cm high

    Standard - 104cm x 76cm high

    Large - 117cm x 76cm high.

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  16. Stubbs Anti-Weave Infill

    RRP £70.24

    From: £52.15

    This anti-weave infill is designed to fit with the Stubbs Anti-Weave Grill, providing added security for young horses or for horse's that bite on a busy yard where children are present. Learn More
  17. Hydrophane Cribox Liquid

    Online for Equine offer the Hydrophane Cribox Liquid.

    Easy way to deter crib-biting or chewing of wooden rails and rugs. Colourless liquid for easy application.

    Available in 250ml.

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  18. Paddock Likit

    Now even tastier! The Paddock Likit is the easy way to ensure your horse receives essential vitamins and minerals. A top quality, high specifications mineral lick with Garlic, Yeast and 'the Happy Hooves Formula'. Not only will it assist in the delivery of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it will also help keep hooves strong and healthy, which is particularly important during the dry summer months. The Paddock Likit can be used in the stable or field to complement a forage diet and it comes with a convenient carry handle, which can be easily removed before use.

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  19. Horsewear Wash Bag
    From: £8.99
    This handy wash bag is perfect for use when washing small horse items such as boots, or large items such as horse rugs. The wash bag is available in three different sizes to accommodate for different sized items. The bag is easily fastened with a zip to prevent items falling out when in the wash. To use the bag, remove any loose horse hair and mud from your items, put them in the wash bag, zip it up and pop it in the washing machine! When your goods are clean, take them out of the bag and simply shake the bag to remove any excess horse hair. The bag helps to prevent any damage to the machine should a buckle or button hit the inner parts. Small - 41 x 54cm Large - 58 x 75cm Jumbo - 75 x 80cm Learn More
  20. Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack

    RRP £43.57

    From: £39.21

    The Stubbs Corner Haylage Rack is a great option for feeding hay and haylage in the stable. Smaller mesh encourages slow feeding while ensuring the hay/haylage stays inside the rack. This Stubbs haylage rack is made from strong steel which is hot dip galvanised for maximum durability. 

    Supplied with four zinc plated brackets for complete flexibility when mounting.

    Weight: 3.3kg

    Dimensions: H 53cm x W 87cm x D 61cm

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